Friday, March 30, 2012

Ikea dreams come true

We don't have an Ikea here in the maritimes and I know I'm not alone in my sadness on that subject. It's especially disappointing when you have a new house to furnish and your budget is limited. I knew that I wanted a certain Ikea piece for my living room and was contemplating biting the bullet and ordering it online. Then I found out they didn't sell it on-line nor many of the other things I was eying. Someone told me about an posting they saw on Kijiji for people who would buy your items and bring them to you.

Mike and Nicole at came up with a brilliant business idea where they take Ikea orders from the public and then drive to Ottawa and do your shopping. Then they make stops in Halifax, Truro, Sydney, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, PEI and St. John's Newfoundland to make the deliveries.  All you have to do is email them with the order, you pay a part of the cost up front and then the rest is paid in cash or cheque at the time of pick up. I was told to meet them in the Sears parking lot at the Regent mall on a Saturday morning. They loaded the stuff in to the van and off I went. They explained that if there was any damage and I needed to make an exchange they would buy me a new one on their next trip and we'd make the trade on the next pick up day. They of course have to make money so they charge a commission based on the amount you're spending. Check out their fees here. If you prefer, they will also do home delivery for an extra cost.

I have to admit I was a little nervous emailing money to a stranger and hoping they come through on the other end. There was a few moments that I thought I'd made a mistake as they were late getting me an email confirming the drop off but over all I thought it was a great experience and would do it again. And I'm happy because I have the shelving unit I wanted. Much to Nick's dismay I cashed in the Veto I got for Christmas.

Anyway, check them out if you are a sad maritimer with dreams of Ikea furniture. Their next ordering deadline is April 5th!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Alternative learning methods

I think I run the risk of being charged with facilitating under age gambling by publishing this picture but I'll take my chances. Oliver helped Nick play his Crossword scratch ticket the other day and it was a mini educational experience. He scratched the callers card and then pointed out all the letters in the crossword part so Nick could scratch them.

Who says gambling can't teach you something? Unfortunately they didn't win.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby no more

My baby is 18 months old today. Where does the time go?

Isaac is doing what 18 month old's do. Testing his limits, getting in to absolutely everything and doing his best to talk. Most of his words are understandable only to us but he's getting better.

I'm trying to savour every moment of what baby-ness is left in him cause this is it, the last baby I'm going to have. I'm mourning it yet happy that I don't have to strategically plan my showers anymore.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New shoes - Pros and Cons

I bought two pair of shoes lately.

Con: After so long in Nunavut wearing nothing but sneakers, rubber boots and Sorels my feet are wondering what the heck is going on. Stuffed in pointy toes, heels jacked up a few inches... I don't think they like it.

Pro- Duh... Look at them. They're fabulous!

I bought these to go with my brand new pant suit. Suit? Me? I know!! Gotta have something dressy for my job interviews and my Nunavut wardrobe didn't have anything to fit that description. My days as a stay at home mom are coming to an end and I'm in search of gainful employment. I'd like something part-time that pays 150 thousand dollars a year. If you have any connections to make that happen for me let me know!

And then there's these:

Con: I would rather paint, decorate, organise, watch TV and eat than do exercise.

Pro: Since I would rather paint, decorate, organise, watch TV and eat than do exercise, my clothes are steadily getting tighter. I NEED to get back on the wagon. Wait, that one sounds like a con too. Try that again..
Pro: They're pretty and really comfy.

These are part of my latest attempt to get motivated and get moving.I was doing so well before we went on vacation in December and was down 17 pounds. I don't want to talk about where I am now but needless to say the vacation started a downward, or I guess I should say upward slide. Then we moved. And now I've been so busy trying to get the house and lives together that what started as a slide has turned in to, well, an embarrassment. It's time to get back to planning healthy meals and counting points.

Seven years ago when Nick went to Depot I decided that I couldn't let him get all in shape without me. When he left I started running and although I didn't get all that great at it I was running 5 kilometers a few times a week. I can honestly say it's the only exercises I've ever really enjoyed. So, I went to The Running Room yesterday and bought these since I discovered I somehow left my old sneakers in Pang. While I was there I felt motivated to set myself a goal. I'm going to sign up for a 5k event on July 1st.  My dad is going to do it with me so I my pride is on the line if I don't show up or can't finish. I'd better get training.

I'll keep you posted on how both pair of shoes are fairing in their pursuits when there is something it tell.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

How sad is it that I'm over the moon excited about 'American Reunion'? Check out the trailer from IMDb here.

I don't care how sad it is. It might be time to break in that babysitter. My favorite is Jim's Dad, love Eugene Levy.

It opens April 4th. Yipee!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pet peeve of the day

Dear on-line shopping department of far too many stores I've bought from recently and not so recently,

I am writing because I have a complaint. I appreciate you have a job to do and that it's your business to keep your company fresh and relevant in my life. I'm sure you also realise that not everyone wants to be bombarded with emails advertising your latest and greatest. This is why you have the option to uncheck and opt out of those email.


Annoyed email recipient.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A new conversation piece

The competition to design the new Nunavut license plate is over and the winner is....

Designed by Ron Froese of Iqaluit.
If you hadn't heard, there was some licensing thing with The Northwest Territories which meant that Nunavut can't use the polar bear shaped plates anymore. They asked people to submit designs for a new plate which will start being used this summer.

We have the polar bear plates on our van (yes still, we'll get around to it at some point) and I love them. They are a great conversation piece in almost any parking lot. You know, the standard conversations... yes, I did drive from Nunavut. It took me about 4 days because one of the pontoons that inflate from the bottom of the van sprung a leak. I'm sure all Nunavumiut have had a similar conversation at some point.

I can't say I'm very excited about this new one. Townie said it well when he said they feel like something a tourist would buy at Arctic Ventures. It is just too stereotypical, like the only thing missing is an igloo. What about celebrating something that the world doesn't instantly think about when they hear the Canadian North. A kamik shaped one? A woman carrying a baby in an amauti, under the northern lights if you must. Walrus or narwhal?

Anyway, I'm sure this plate will conjure up as many questions from random people, especially old men, in parking lots. I'm still happy I was able to drive around with the old one for a while.

*** And to answer the other question I always get- We had Nunavut plates on our vehicle because our permanent residence was in Nunavut. Even though it never left New Brunswick we still had to have it registered up north.***

Friday, March 9, 2012

Reptiles and wet feet

Today was one of those great days. A great day that makes me thankful I don't have 6 kids.

I took the kids to the 'Little Ray's Reptile Show' in Saint John today. My two kids, my sister's one and her boyfriend's three. Six kids. From age 12 down to Isaac who is almost 18 months. It was quite the time. Courtney lovingly referred to it as herding cattle. As always, it was Oliver who needed the cattle prod more often than not. That kid just finds it impossible to walk in a straight line.

The reptile show itself was a big hit with everyone. We watched the birds of prey demonstration and got balloon animals made which all ended up as swords for the 6 way fencing competition in the back of the room.

There were plenty of snakes, lizards and birds to see. I loved the vulture but only got a blurry mess on my camera. I loved these guys too. It's like they were besties just hanging out together.

Oliver loved watching this guy have his lunch.

By far, this was the kids favorite of the day.

You may notice Oliver's interesting pants. We walked in to Market Square where the reptile show was being held and the kids immediately saw the Saint Patrick's day green water in the fountain.

Off they ran to check it out and next thing I knew, Oliver had stepped right in to the fountain. His boot was soaked, his pants were too and the only thing I had to change him in to was a pair of pj's I'd bought him last night and had left in the car. I went to the crazy, super expensive, high end baby store (the only place with kids clothes) and paid $9 for a pair of socks that are now black because he couldn't wear his boots. The lady at the store told me that kids fall in to that fountain all the time. I bet they make a fortune off the unfortunate moms who don't think of keeping a change of clothes in the car.

Over all, everyone had a blast. It was a good day.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party and Puppy Love

It's been a rough day.

I'm hung over.

I'm tired.

But I had a fantastic night!!

Last night we hosted our closest friends for a house warming of sorts. It was so much fun to use our open concept living space exactly how we pictured it when we saw the house for the first time. I loved that I could be in the kitchen cooking, while still being part of the party. As always my favorite part of the night was the jam session. We're blessed to have a couple very talented musicians as friends and we always ask them to bring their guitars when we get together. I love to sing and my favorite is when they play Barenaked Ladies or Blue Rodeo since I know all the words to their songs. The big problem is that my singing would rival some of those amazingly bad auditions on American Idol. It shows you what great friends I have. They never tell me to shut up and let me do my thing.

The boys enjoyed having everyone around too. So many people to give them lots and lots of attention. I'm amazed at how Isaac is coming out of his shell lately. He wasn't shy with anyone and was greeting everyone with his huge 'HI' as they came in the door. His favorite guest by far however was Kuma. Every time she came around he was all over her with "rubbins and nubbins" as we say around here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another room complete

One of the fun things about a new house is finding just the right pieces for each room. I've spent many hours on-line and in stores looking. I never in a million years thought a shower curtain would be the hardest piece to find. This is actually the third one I bought and I'm finally happy.

This is the main bathroom in the house but we call it the kids bathroom. I wanted something bright and fun but not so childish that it felt like a kids space. I love the wall color and I'm especially happy with the pictures I did of the kids. They really show the different sides of their personalities.