Friday, March 23, 2012

New shoes - Pros and Cons

I bought two pair of shoes lately.

Con: After so long in Nunavut wearing nothing but sneakers, rubber boots and Sorels my feet are wondering what the heck is going on. Stuffed in pointy toes, heels jacked up a few inches... I don't think they like it.

Pro- Duh... Look at them. They're fabulous!

I bought these to go with my brand new pant suit. Suit? Me? I know!! Gotta have something dressy for my job interviews and my Nunavut wardrobe didn't have anything to fit that description. My days as a stay at home mom are coming to an end and I'm in search of gainful employment. I'd like something part-time that pays 150 thousand dollars a year. If you have any connections to make that happen for me let me know!

And then there's these:

Con: I would rather paint, decorate, organise, watch TV and eat than do exercise.

Pro: Since I would rather paint, decorate, organise, watch TV and eat than do exercise, my clothes are steadily getting tighter. I NEED to get back on the wagon. Wait, that one sounds like a con too. Try that again..
Pro: They're pretty and really comfy.

These are part of my latest attempt to get motivated and get moving.I was doing so well before we went on vacation in December and was down 17 pounds. I don't want to talk about where I am now but needless to say the vacation started a downward, or I guess I should say upward slide. Then we moved. And now I've been so busy trying to get the house and lives together that what started as a slide has turned in to, well, an embarrassment. It's time to get back to planning healthy meals and counting points.

Seven years ago when Nick went to Depot I decided that I couldn't let him get all in shape without me. When he left I started running and although I didn't get all that great at it I was running 5 kilometers a few times a week. I can honestly say it's the only exercises I've ever really enjoyed. So, I went to The Running Room yesterday and bought these since I discovered I somehow left my old sneakers in Pang. While I was there I felt motivated to set myself a goal. I'm going to sign up for a 5k event on July 1st.  My dad is going to do it with me so I my pride is on the line if I don't show up or can't finish. I'd better get training.

I'll keep you posted on how both pair of shoes are fairing in their pursuits when there is something it tell.


Sarah said...

LOVE both sets of shoes.. that first pair is SO cute!!!!

...I totally laughed when you talked about the 5K with your dad, ya-won't be able to get out of that one! I tried on our hike, but he just slowed down and walked BEHIND least it got me to the top of Duval with you! :)

...I need to jump on the wagon too, so maybe you won't be doing it all alone! :) S

Morena said...

Yup, that's my Dad. He will never let me get out of it now that I've asked him. ACTUALLY, I asked my mom to do it with me and she said no but that dad would LOVE to do it. He said yes immediately so I couldn't even get out of it.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I totally don't understand shoes with heels. Who would want to torture themselves like that?? I think sexy is a pair of pink rubber boots. Yep, I think I have lived in the north for way too long! ahahah

I will be cheering for you and the 5k! said...

I love both pairs! My poor feet still haven't gotten used to being shoved into anything other than runners or big winter boots. I'm a little jealous of your super cute first pair. My feet grew almost 2 sizes during pregnancy and still haven't gone back. So all I have are a couple pairs of flip flops and my wedding shoes that fit. I guess it's time to get shopping for a few cute pairs! lol.

Good luck on the 5K. Looking forward to hearing about your training. I'm loving working towards the Mother's Day run in May :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great...that will be fun for you and Dad.


Jen said...

Yeah the beer has been my the heaviest ive ever been without having another human taking residents inside of my belly. I need to get on your def not alone.