Friday, March 9, 2012

Reptiles and wet feet

Today was one of those great days. A great day that makes me thankful I don't have 6 kids.

I took the kids to the 'Little Ray's Reptile Show' in Saint John today. My two kids, my sister's one and her boyfriend's three. Six kids. From age 12 down to Isaac who is almost 18 months. It was quite the time. Courtney lovingly referred to it as herding cattle. As always, it was Oliver who needed the cattle prod more often than not. That kid just finds it impossible to walk in a straight line.

The reptile show itself was a big hit with everyone. We watched the birds of prey demonstration and got balloon animals made which all ended up as swords for the 6 way fencing competition in the back of the room.

There were plenty of snakes, lizards and birds to see. I loved the vulture but only got a blurry mess on my camera. I loved these guys too. It's like they were besties just hanging out together.

Oliver loved watching this guy have his lunch.

By far, this was the kids favorite of the day.

You may notice Oliver's interesting pants. We walked in to Market Square where the reptile show was being held and the kids immediately saw the Saint Patrick's day green water in the fountain.

Off they ran to check it out and next thing I knew, Oliver had stepped right in to the fountain. His boot was soaked, his pants were too and the only thing I had to change him in to was a pair of pj's I'd bought him last night and had left in the car. I went to the crazy, super expensive, high end baby store (the only place with kids clothes) and paid $9 for a pair of socks that are now black because he couldn't wear his boots. The lady at the store told me that kids fall in to that fountain all the time. I bet they make a fortune off the unfortunate moms who don't think of keeping a change of clothes in the car.

Over all, everyone had a blast. It was a good day.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What an awesome show!

And I am sure my boys would have done the exact same thing with the fountain.