Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Oliver v 4.0

Dear Oliver,

Four years from this moment you came in to the world, early and on your own terms. I should have known then that you’d be a handful. I often say the person who coined the twos as terrible had clearly not lived through the threes yet. If I’m completely honest, much of this year was a challenge as you pushed your boundaries and tested our patience. When I’m at my wits end I think of what your Oma  once told me. She told me that when kids turn 4 they turn in to lovely little people. I’ve held on to that and I’m thrilled to say that in the last few weeks I feel like she might be right. You’ve been just delicious lately and I hope we see this side of you more and more as the year goes on.
This year has brought so many changes in your life. You were thrown from our quiet, isolated life in Nunavut to a world where you’ve had to navigate all new social situations. You’ve found your place among our extended family. Isaac, Erik and yourself have become the best of friends and you love spending days at Courtney’s, Oma’s and Grammy's. You've also adjusted from being at home with me to going to a babysitter and to Preschool 3 days a week. You seem to be thriving and we’ve seen so many positive changes brought on by the additional stimulation and structure that going to school brings to your life. I love hearing about what you've learned at the end of the day. And I really enjoy you singing me songs your songs. And of course, you never sing without doing a silly dance along with it. It's just the way you roll.
You are growing up to be a wonderful young man I can be proud of. People always comment on how polite you are and how you are very considerate and kind to other people. You wear your heart on your sleeve and that heart is huge. You aren’t shy to tell people you love them or will miss them sooooo much. I'm happy to say that you are also very, very smart. You love to see how things work and still have that love of pushing buttons to see what happens. You are forever surprising us with how your brain works. You seem to be 3 steps ahead of us most time and know how to work things to your advantage. I see your father in how your brain works and I’m already dreading your teenage years. It will certainly be interesting.
Through all the ups and downs you always keep us laughing. Whether it was a memorable quote or you just being the silly guy you are you can always bring a smile to our faces. Some of my favorite quotes of the year are:
-I’m a pizza eater and this is my pizza eater costume!
-(after farting in the tub) No mommy, you don’t have to say 'excuse me' if there’s bubbles.
-Get Tank out of here! He’s freakin’ me out!
-I’m all dressed and I look fantastic!
-See you at my house Santa! Don’t forget to be quick and bring Super Mario 10 with you!
-I’m sweet.... and sour.
-When I turn 8 I’m going to get boobs like yours.
-“what’s going on?” Said on the Scrambler while laughing insanely.

 Some things I want you to know about your self-
-You have a mad obsession with Mario Brothers and insist that we call you Mario. Isaac is Luigi and you call Dad Yoshi. And me, you call me Princess and I love it.
-You have learned to write your name and your letters.
-Your favorite friend at school is Brooklyn and her mom tells me she feels the same way.
-Your favorite colors are green and orange.
-Your favorite food is pigs in a blanket.
-Your favorite toys (other than the Wii) are Hot Wheels cars.
-Your snuggles are the still the best.
So here’s to you O-Boy.

Happy Birthday
I love you

Love Mom


Friday, December 7, 2012

All things Santa

I know, I know... it's been forever since I've posted here. I'm just busy. Busy with work, kids, family, and living life. I've managed to finish my Christmas shopping before December 1st which is always my goal and am only left with a mountain of wrapping to do.

The kids are lots of fun this year because they are just that much older. Oliver is totally aware of Santa and all the fun that goes along with that. We did the obligatory visit with the big red man at the mall and I was pleased that Isaac didn't cry. Oliver talked his ear off with talk of the Mario Brothers 10 game he wants for the Wii and didn't want to leave. We left with a call of 'By Santa! See you at my house!!' as we walked away.

A couple weeks later we went to the Santa Clause Parade. I love a parade as you all know and I was excited that the kids got to see their first real southern parade.I knew the postal workers would be leading Santa's float so we got the kids to write their first letters to Santa

I'm so proud of Oliver's letter. He wrote every word himself, all I had to do was tell him what letters to write. I kept the real letters and stuffed the envelopes with ones I'd written because I wanted to keep the originals for their memory boxes.

Now Santa needs to get that wrapping done....