Sunday, April 22, 2012


I don't claim to fully understand this 'Statcounter' thing but it seems that from 9:43pm and 10:19pm this evening the blog received 77 hits from someone or people Googling images of 'White Guy Afro Singer'..... huh??

The post they are getting is a picture of me showing off the 'White Man's Afro' that I was blessed with while in Hawaii in 2009. See the photo here if you care.

The Internet is a strange and wonderful thing isn't it?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A new name

Change- It's the theme of our lives lately. I'm embracing it as it comes and trying to keep it positive. When my mom suggested that I change the name of the blog to reflect one of the biggest changes I wasn't sure if I wanted to. The change she was referring to: the fact that I don't have babies anymore. She suggested Boys and Bulldogs.

I mulled it over for quite a while, asked for opinions but still couldn't decide. When I asked my brother Ryan his thoughts, he said yes and told me to call it 'The Boys and A Bulldog'. The Boys includes Nick and my nephew Erik who has become a fixture in our lives. And we really only have one bulldog which is something that always bothered by about the old name. I loved the name right away so the change has been made.

Welcome to The Boys and a Bulldog. Feel free to update your sidebars, or not.

My URL stays the same.

Thanks Mom and Ryan!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kudos to Mr. Mom

I've been working for over two weeks now and we are settling in with this shift in our family's dynamic. What I didn't mention before is that Nick has been trying his hand at being a stay at home dad so this is not just a huge change for me. But no, Nick didn't quit his job (or get fired). He's just cashing in some of the bazillions of vacation hours he accumulated while we were up north. Since he works shift work and has 4 days off at a time it was pretty easy for him to work out being home during the day. This avoids the need, at least for the time being, to pay for childcare which as you all know is a huge expense.

I will be the first to admit that when he came up with this idea I thought he was crazy. I kind of left it alone so he could think about for a while. I thought he'd change his mind when he realised what he'd suggested. I secretly started looking for daycare on my own so I had a back up plan. Then he actually got the time off. I was surprised but still thought that this was going to be a very short lived solution because I honestly figured he's last a week tops. I said as much to several people in a not so joking manner. I would have bet the farm in Vegas against him.

Just to clarify, Nick's a really good Dad. I would say he's a better dad than I am a mom in more areas than I'd like to admit. It's not that I don't think he could do it. I just figured he'd very quickly be done with the day to day tedium and frustrations of dealing with kids. We're also talking about someone who has spent a full day with the kids.... maybe 5 times? And I think that could be generous estimation when I really think about it. I've just always been there and Nick was no stranger to using work as an escape from whining, pooping, crying and general not listening when he'd had enough.

I'm pleasantly surprised to announce that after more than two weeks at home, the kids are happy, fed and dressed everyday. Dressed was a big shocker Nick is famous for all day PJ wearing. He's taken them out, done errands, cleaned, done laundry, yard work and has even made supper for me a couple of times. He says he's enjoying having the time to get things done around the house that he hasn't when he's been working full time. He's getting to see the kids do first hand all those cute things that I used to tell him about at the supper table. Nick has even admitted that he didn't realise how much work it is to get 2 kids up and out at any given time....and he hasn't even had to deal with snowsuits and boots! It's nice to get that little bit of validation for what I've been doing for so long.

As much as I'm really glad that things are going well at home it's been a little strange for me. I'm relinquishing control of so many things which is hard. It took about a week but I'm no longer calling several times a day to check to make sure this was done, and that was taken care of. I have to admit I'm loving being out of the house everyday and having regular adult conversations. Getting up and out of the house before the rest of them are even awake isn't fun since I'm not a morning person but over all, work is working for me. The best part? Coming home at the end of the day to Isaac yelling MUM!!! and doing his best to get down the stairs as quick has he can to hug me. I barely get a hello from Oliver but Isaac's enthusiasm makes up for it.

This arrangement isn't going to last forever but I'm happy that Nick's getting the special time with the kids that he hasn't in the past. I can already see how they are deferring to him more and doing things his way. I don't always like that since the control freak in me wants everything done my way but I guess I'm the one that needs to adapt. As I've said before, Times they are a-changing, but the changes are good.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is as clean as it ever gets

I've been meaning to post more house pics for a while but frankly, it's a rare moment that the house is clean enough for me to feel good about what you all get to see in the pictures. Normally the island is covered with random things, the floor is covered in Cheerios, spaghetti sauce and dog slobber and there is laundry baskets around filled with clothes ready to be folded. Like it is now, as I write this. But on the weekend we had a family down for Easter dinner. Nothing like having your mom come over to make you clean like you've never cleaned before.

In addition to the mess, the other reason I was procrastinating was because I really wanted to get the decor just right. I've come to realise that it could be years before that happens so I threw that idea out the window. You'll notice a lack of things on the shelving unit but that's because anything on the lower shelves is free game for little hands. I also want a big piece of art for the dining area but who knows when I'll find just the right thing that I can afford. I have dreams of a house with big plants, large vases and other beautiful decor items but I figure I'm at least 2 years away from even thinking about those kinds of things. We also need to paint the ceiling so it's a better match to the wall color. Originally I thought we would keep what they had before but it turns out it's too dark for the new wall color. I had hoped to have someone come in and do it but it was way too expensive. I will eventually get around to doing it myself but it won't be any time soon. Who looks at the ceiling anyway right?

I've also just finished Isaac's room. I ran with the Thomas the Train bed he inherited from Oliver and tried to build around that. I still feel like it's not done, it's missing something but I haven't found anything that I feel will put the finishing touches on it. I don't even know what I want but I'm sure I'll know it when I see it. Or maybe O's room just set the standard way too high. I love the colors and the train signs and tracks so over all I'm very pleased.

The next room on the agenda: Our bedroom and bathroom.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A snowy Easter

Like many of you out there the Easter Bunny had to borrow Santa's sleigh to get his deliveries done this year. We woke up to snow, snow and more snow. This was a rather disappointing thing for me because we got the boys bikes and I was really hoping mother nature was going to change her mind so they could get out and enjoy them. But she didn't. So we put the bikes in the garage so that we could give them when the time was right... like when it stopped snowing maybe? Lol on me, it snowed all day!

Luckily the egg hunt was a success.

It seems impossible to get a smiley picture out of Oliver lately. Apparently his smile is a trigger to his need to jump up and down and flail his arms around. So I have a choice of a blurry smiley picture or a crisp scowl.

I didn't think Isaac liked chocolate since I've never been able to get him to eat any. His massive intake this weekend (much of which he snuck) has proven my theory very wrong.

Finally we found the right moment to give the boys their bikes:Two minutes after the plow went by the house. At least that way we could get out and go around the block once before we were all completely soaked from the wet snow.

Every time Isaac sees his new toy he says bike, bike, bike, bike. At this point I can push his with him strapped in until he's able to push the peddles himself. Oliver's is a Lightning McQueen bike and it was a big hit. He's been talking for weeks about wanting a big boy bike and it took everything I had not to give it to him a month ago.

I hope everyone had a good Easter.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope the Bunny finds you!

Tank- 3 months old.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day here so we packed a picnic and headed to Mactaquac park. Most of the park was closed for the season but we managed to find a nice open space to enjoy.

Then it was time for lunch. And par for the Steeves course we forgot some pretty important items that made the picnic a bust. We'd planned to BBQ hotdogs but without the piece to attach the propane tank we had no fire. O was happy with a raw wiener and the rest of us snacked on pasta salad and timbits. As soon as we got home I made a list of the the things that we need to remember the next time although I'm sure something else will get missed.

It was a fabulous day. I feel like it was a good ending of sorts to my old life as it was the last day of my unconditional freedom.

Today I joined the rat race.....


Although I won't be discussing the details, I started a job today. I will say the position is with the provincial government and I think it's going to be a good fit for our family. Nick is beyond happy that I'm joining the ranks of the employed. I think that's mostly because I'll have less time to shop and if I do, I'll have my own money to spend. He's enjoying it WAY too much in my opinion but I guess I can give him that small victory. We'll see how happy he is when he has to pull his weight on the housekeeping and cooking front.

Times they are a changing......