Sunday, March 24, 2013

The pros and cons of beating a dead blog.

This blog is on life support and is holding on by a thread. Make that 2 threads. The house and the birthday letters. They are really the only things I care to post about anymore. I like the idea of keeping up the house posts as a way to have an album of the changes we've made in the house. It's all in one place. It's not that I couldn't make an album elsewhere it's just this one is already started.

Just like the house pictures, I like having the letters all together in one place. My ultimate plan for the letters is to make a book and give it to the boys on their 18th birthday. Because they started in that format, I enjoy the idea of it being book of blog posts. So why not continue doing them? The issue: My boys deserve to these letters to be unsensored. I have always tried to be honest with anything I post but its natural to make choices on what you say when you know you are posting for the masses. Honesty and full disclosure are two different things. Some things just aren't for public consumption.  I want the memories to be as personal and honest as possible. I also feel that the boys may not want something that intimate splashed all over the internet. Not that they care now but they might in 5 or 10 years when their friends Google them.

My experience as a blogger has been very positive. It was a great way to keep family and friends up to date on our lives when we lived so far away. It's been a baby book of sorts, document the kids first years and I'm glad to have that. Unfortunately I just don't have the time or energy anymore to continue posting on a regular basis. And truth be told, I just don't think my very average, southern life is very interesting. For the important things, I take pictures, I have the photos, I share the photos with the important people and post a few for the masses on Facebook. I think that offers up just the right amount of our lives. I just don't feel the need to share everything anymore.

So I think what's going to happen is this. Babies and Bulldogs (The originial and enduring name) will enjoy the immortality that only internet can offer. I plan to start a new, private blog where I can do the birthday posts in the format I like so much. I may share access to that blog with certain people (if anyones cares) but for the most part it will be family only. When the time is right I'll have someone make a book of those posts and the boys will have an enduring website dedicated just to them. I will continue to post the house photos for my own need of having them here. And you never know, I may write the odd post if the mood strikes me. But I doubt it.

So I want to thank everyone who has followed our lives over the last three and a half years. You've seen my kids grow up and have witnessed our Northern adventure. I thank you for your interest. I also appreciate the friendships I have been privileged to make through the northern bloggin community and know that they will continue long after the blog is gone.

Thank You.

NOW... the blog is dead. Flatline_______________________________________________

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The bedroom

After being here a year I finally decided to give our bedroom a well needed make over. I say well needed but really it wasn't a horrible room. It was just a little beige. Taupe I guess but it's all the same to me. You'll know by now I like to live in technicolor and most of our rooms are in big bold color. One of the reason I hadn't painted until now was because I really didn't know what I wanted. I've been looking for about 10 months for the perfect duvet cover to build the room around and although I found many I liked, Nick exercised his veto on almost everything I chose. I finally gave up and went with something plain and decided to make the room the statement piece and not the cover.

The other reason was time. Between work, Nick's shift work and the kids getting in the way I just didn't want to get in to a major project. The perfect opportunity came when Nick took the kids to Florida for 3 weeks and I had the house for myself for 2 of those weeks. I got to go down for a week and loved the time but my temporary bachelor life was a nice treat as well. With nobody to get in my way but the dog, I got it done.

I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. I still have to get the bed skirt on the bed which I own but just haven't bothered with. I also need to come up with some other decor or furniture to fill in the space around the bed. That will call come in time. I have no idea what I want and don't have the money to make any major purchases at this time anyway. I feel the room is sexy and cozy at the same time and I love being in there now. Oprah once said your bedroom should be your sanctuary and I feel like I'm alot closer to that now.