Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dog Free Space

When we first got Tank we bought a few dog training books to help us get through the puppy stage. One of my favorite bits of advice was when it said the best way to break a dog's bad habit is to move. New house means new routines so it a great time to implement change. I always remembered that so when we knew the move to Pang was coming, I gave fair warning that my nights of playing blanket wars and being woken by snoring that isn't my husbands will be ending soon. For those of you who don't know.... Tank, slept in our bed for the first 2 years of his life. I blogged about the hassles of having that forced on me in one of my very first posts..... "but he's so cute sleeping here".... "but look, he's soo cozy'' Yeah Nick, cute and cozy at 15 lbs. Not so much at 70!

It's been over a month that we've been dog free in bed and I can't explain how happy we both are about it. And the book was right, it was a very easy transition. In the past, any time we tried to change this behaviour he cried at the side of the bed till you let him up. We were weak and gave in every time. This time, we showed him his bed, got in ours and that was about it. He did wander around most of the first night, and 'asked' to come up a couple times but by the next he was sleeping soundly on his own bed. He's been content there ever since.

Knowing that nobody was going to drool on it or chew it, I treated myself to some new bedding. I love it and the kitties like it alot too. So ok... the bed isn't completely a pet free zone. But at least the girls accommodate you and not the other way around. They are much better bedmates than their brother was.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Our cats are total bed hogs!

I am impressed that it worked that easily.

Laura E :) said...

Glad the princesses get to enjoy the bed now! I've had a migraine and been in bed for 2 days, and I must say my furbabies have been good company...except that Zuni stretches out to take a quarter of the double bed! Do you have a cat bed, or have you given up on one like I have?

Morena said...

Laura we bought the girls a basket with a nice pillow in it at one point. Izzy used it every once and a while but it's been forever since it's been used. We gave up on it long ago. They are usually either on the bed or under the bed and they are happy.