Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confirmed: Deuce not Deuce-ette.

I had my mid-way ultrasound yesterday and the verdict is.... BOY! I guess, at least in my case, the Intelligender test was right. I of course was given the old, 'Ultrasounds are not always 100% correct' speech from the tech but she checked 2 different times and she saw penis both times. Since as I've said before that Steeves don't don't know how to make girls, I'm 100% sure even with the disclaimer.

With this news comes many mixed feelings. Of course everyone is just hoping for a healthy baby no matter what kind it is. However, the grandmothers are sad cause they were both hoping for a girl this time. Deuce will be the fifth grandson between them so a little pink to break up the sea of blue was high on the wish list. Soon after O was born Nick announced that he hoped the next go round would be a girl because he was enjoying his boy so much he wanted to see what a girl would be like. And for me, I'm sad/happy. Before I started thinking about having kids I always said I wanted two boys, I thought that would suit me best. Once I had a boy, I too started wishing for a girl to experience the other side of things.

Now that I know it's a boy, I keep thinking of the things I'm going to miss out on not having a girl. I'm obsessed with that show 'Say Yes to the Dress' and I think about how I'm not going to have that moment with my daughter. I'm never going to plan a wedding with her. Can you tell I love weddings? I'm most likely not going to be the 'go to' person cause it seems young couples tend to gravitate to the wife's family. You know that saying... A son is yours till he takes a wife but a daughter is yours for life. Who will I pass of my love of sewing and crafts to, most boys aren't into cross stitch. Spa days, mother daughter weekends.... And oh god... I'm way outnumbered on the 'do we have to watch the baseball game again tonight?' fight.

When I stop mourning those losses I remember there was one big reason that I was hoping for a boy. I know boys can have close relationships with their sisters too but I think of the great bond I have with my sister and can't think of anything more special than giving Oliver a brother. And the thought of watching Nick rough housing with 2 boys like he does with O now brings tears to my eyes. On the practical side, I think the teenage years are going to be easier with boys, less hormones to deal with. And another old saying.... I'll only have 2 dicks to worry about rather than hundreds. (Don't know how old that saying is but it makes a point) I also figure I can make a conscious effort to be the cool mother in law so I can maybe be included in the wedding prep. 

So the verdict is.. IT'S A BOY, and we're all thrilled. 21 weeks till we meet you little Deuce. Now to come up with something better to call you than Deuce. Any suggestions?


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

Congrats Morena, so exciting!!! I can understand how you might have some mixed feelings, but you are right that Oliver and his brother are going to have a great bond growing up together! And hey, you never know, after you have 'deuce' (sorry, no suggestions) you never know if you might decide to have another:)

Melissa said...


If you need some girls in the house I have 3 that I could ship you :)... unfortunately the youngest one stays with me ;)


Cynthia said...

Congratulations Morena, Nick and Oliver.. A BOY - YAY!! I completely understand your mixed feelings, one of each sounds ideal, but that is not always the case... It is tough to get them to agree what to play with (dolls, or cars, crafts or trains), and I swear they argue more often then same sexed sibilings... and by the way, girls' hormones seem to start at birth, not as teenagers... ugg!!
As for names, I would be a terrible help with that one. Ethan was our pick for Mikaela (I was SURE she was a boy), but 12 months later when our son was born there were too many Ethan's in the world, so we went with Braedon. There was no list of boy names to pick from, Kevin did not argue with me over his name as he saw Mikaela being born and felt that I should have some control over that without arguement - maybe I should remind him of that experience more often :)

Congrats again!!

Megan said...

Boys are awesome.

Morena said...

I totally understand Cindi. I love the name Ethan, Ayden, Liam but they are all just too popular. I like different and Nick is way pickier than me so it makes it hard. I wish he'd give me the choice, I think it's only fair since he got to name Oliver.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Two boys will be fantastic! They will tear your house apart bit by bit and they will pee in every plant you own.


I understand what you are going through about the no girl part. I was hoping for one girl and one boy and I knew that I only wanted two kids. Matt went in for the big snip snip a few weeks ago, so this is it for sure now. I think my mother and mother-in-law are the saddest. Just grandsons all around for them. My closest friend here just had a baby girl so I am just going to spoil her rotten and buy cute girly stuff for her!!

Sara said...

Hi Morena, glad you have successfully set up house keeping in your new place. Two boys aren't so bad, I really enjoy mine at all stages, we were lucky enough God gave us a special daughter to love, daughter in laws can be a blessing in them selves, it just takes sitting back a bit and letting it happen. Good luck to you and Nick with your family and work, miss seeing him at the office.

Aida said...

congrats! as a mom of a boy and a girl, though its nice to have one of each, the experience, etc but they are not the most cost effective!! lol, no such thing as hand me downs and we have to get 2 different kind of toys and i swear they fight harder than same sexed sibling b/c i keep seeing all this FB updates and other blogs where the sibling rivalry isnt as "dramatic" as those in my house.

the big ticket item like bicycle, etc we have to get anything that isnt overly girly or boyish which isnt the easiest to find, trust me! :) so i say a lot more "compromise" with 2 different gender kids. and hey my Ben is very interested to learn to sew, you can totally teach Oliver + deuce v 2.0 to sew :)