Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping

It's the time of year again when I bust out the shopping lists and start deciding what we need on sealift. Otherwise known as Christmas in July. As much as I love lists, trying to decide how much spaghetti sauce and pizza mixes you're going to need in a year is not the easiest thing. I try and go by the numbers I used the year before but that's not a foolproof plan either because 2 years ago we went through all the taco kits and then some and this year, we have lots left over. Then there is the toilet paper we bought the first year that will long outlive our time in the north. And I don't get me started on corn.

Since some of you out there are probably starting to think about your order I wanted to make a recommendation. Check out We've used them since we got up here and can't say enough about their service. Just send them an email and they'll send you a shopping list for Costco and for Loblaws to shop from. Anything you want that's not on those lists, they will go get it for you. Toys R Us, Ikea, Walmart, The Brick.... I could go on but this list is long.

The other great things about shopping with them:
-Why pay for 12 of something when you only need 2? You don't need to buy in case lots.
-Picky about brand? You can choose brands you like, not just whatever brands are available on the list.
-They pack stuff really well so smells don't transfer and leakage doesn't happen.
-No hassle. They take care of booking the crating and the confirming boat, all you have to do is pay.
-Gerri and Bruce are amazing people do deal with.

Anyway, if you are less than happy with your current sealift situation, check them out. You won't be disappointed.


Aida said...

i thought about them, but Frank thinks their rate is pretty steep, though i can see how its steep if he is there to do all the shopping. now if i were to order from here, without going on an airplane, i can see how its worth it.

Morena said...

The rate would be expensive if you have the option to do it yourself that's for sure. But to be honest, to avoid that hassel of doing all the running around, I'd pay them anyway. We did a really small sealift ourselves last season and it was a nightmare, and that was just for the few things we wanted to pick up ourselves! I think they are worth every penny.