Friday, July 17, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

I woke up in the wee hours from Nick tugging on the duvet. How was it possible he wanted more blanket when I barely had enough to cover me?? He obviously already had it all! I tugged back and a mild war ensued. When neither one of us came up with more blanket we realised that the third member in our bed had all spoils. Yes, that's right, the 65lbs dog had conquered blanket land.

Now, I know what you're all thinking... and you're right. I didn't start this and I didn't want this. 'Someone' started this trend when he was a puppy and here we are fighting for bed space with a dog that gets very grumpy with you if you try and move him. We even have a plastic tub at the end of the bed so he can get up and down himself. That was a brainstorm I had late one night after listening to him whine at the edge of the bed once too often.
The solution... perhaps a king size bed. Unfortunately we have not been able to convince the government to provide us with one.

PS: Please disregard the decor, especially that lamp. We have government issued furniture and could only bring so much with us. We make do with what we have :)


indigo said...

I agree with you on the government issued furnishings not being all they are cracked up to be. while I am loathe to even complain about any housing or furnishings I have had, when so many in the north are crowded and darn near homeless, I learned my first move north many years ago to include that all comfortable king size bed in my 4000 lb (minus 10% for marshalling) relocation alllowance. Amazing to watch a king size bed make it off a twin otter! And I never had any problem selling it when I moved. After you?

MUM said...

Thanks so much for a great visit. We had to go to the artic to get any summer at all. When we arrived back in Saint John (sans luggage)it was foggy and wet and there was no power at the house.
It was great to sleep in our own bed again.
Thanks again.
MUM and Dad

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