Friday, February 17, 2012

Pick a shade, any shade

Earlier this week I painted Oliver's room. It was the room most in need of a make-over since it was a hideous combination of blue and green. Think Buzz Lightyear. I still have to put up the wallpaper decals to finish the look and hope to get that done this week and then I'll post pictures. I think it's going to be a really great boys room. I hope it lives up to the picture in my mind.

The next room on the list is the living room. Right now I would describe the room as a deep shade of cornflower blue. It's actually a really lovely color but I find it's too dark for the space. The room is open concept kitchen/living/dining room so it's a big area which would normally be great for a darker color. Unfortunately (or very fortunately cause I love them) the kitchen cupboards are a dark walnut colored wood and our furniture is dark brown too. We've also discovered that the room tends to be dark when it's not sunny out. So... so starts the search for the perfect color.

All I can say is that god for sample sizes. I was set on having a green of some kind so I spent hours looking at those cards from Home Depot. I was sure I found just the right color... not too light, not too dark. I put the sample up on the wall.... too hospital. The process began again. I was sure once again that I found it.... to yellow, then too light. I decided to forgo the idea of green because I finally decided the look I was going for was going to be too dark after all. So on to blue and back to Home Depot. 3 more samples later, I think I've found it. I'll start painting on Nick's next days off and we'll see.

The samples are Behr paint/primer combo's and cost $4.99. Not cheap but much cheaper than several full size cans that you don't like. I'm calling it the best $30 I ever spent.


Jacki said...

I agree on the greens, but all three of the blues look great! Which one did you pick?

Morena said...

We're going with the second one from the left, the middle blue. It's much darker and less 'baby blue' in real life. I hope it's the right choice.