Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another sad loss for music.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say how shocked and saddened I was to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston. So young, so talented, so beautiful. What a waste. Around Facebook the common theme seems to be, at least with friends my age, is all the memories people have of her songs. Or I guess how her songs have related to their lives. Kind of like a 'where were you when' for a singer's passing.

My favorite Whitney related memory is when I was a Mount Allison University, my third year, living at our house on Estabrooks. I lived with 4 other girls so Saturday night was a built in party. You would regularly hear The Bodyguard soundtrack blasting as we tried to get pumped for The Pub. We'd dance on every available surface that wasn't the floor, singing at full volume to I'm Every Woman. Our house had a big picture window with a large ledge that could fit at least 3 of us in full boogie. Then we'd bring it down a little and belt out I Will Always Love You in dramatic fashion. Yup, total cheese but I've never claimed to have good taste in music.


Rest in peace Whitney. Thanks for the memories.

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Tina said...

After reading it on Fb last night, I have had the same thoughts. The bodyguard soundtrack was in my car as we drove around as teenagers, belting out I Will Always Love You at the top of our lungs. And really, who hasn't danced as a group of teenagers to I"m Every Woman? I can still remember all the moves. Yep, time to go embarras my kids now. :)