Sunday, February 19, 2012

Potty Training- Take Two

In the beginning of December Oliver was really showing interest in potty training so we jumped in with both feet. I knew it was bad timing since our vacation was coming up but I didn't want to let the opportunity go by without at least giving it a try. We started with a few bare bum days and within 3 or 4 days he was using the potty like a pro. Not perfect mind you but well on his way to being diaper free.

Unfortunately, but as suspected the vacation threw everything off and within 2 days he was refusing to use the toilet and we were so busy we just let it happen. Then there was the move, and the settling in period. That brings us to now.

I started with him again on Friday and things are going... OK. Friday he was perfect. No accidents and he went several times on his own without prompting. The last two day have been much less successful. He clearly knows his body and understands what to do but he's just too lazy to bother going to the bathroom. I actually just watched him lay down on the floor and pee in his pants! I didn't realise that's what he was doing till he got up and said 'I just peed in my pants'. I find myself having much less tolerance than I would normally since I know it's being lazy and not that he doesn't get it. I've offered bribes and am praising and rewarding every successful attempt but true to Oliver's personality, his attitude is very 'Whatever' about the whole thing.

I described myself recently as an -I want it now- kind of girl. This isn't any different. Get on it kid! I'm done with changing your diapers. He rarely listens to anything else I tell him so why would he be any different on this subject? Gotta love the terrible 3's.


jen said...

Amen to that! I'm loosing my hair from the terrible threes!

Lindsay said...

You need my mom...she is the potty whisperer....had Hanna trained in one day!

Aida said...

hate to break it to you girl, but terrible threes are nothing to the effing

bring him to the potty every 30 - 45 minutes? i did that with my kids and my daycare kids.

Morena said...

That's what I'm trying to do Aida. Tonight he sat there for 10 minutes and swore he didn't have to go. He had just gone so I thought maybe he didn't and sure enough, 5 minutes later he went in his pull ups.

He's going to my moms tomorrow for a few days and I'm hoping she'll fix him up. She got him to eat like a champ when we always had a fight with him so maybe she can fix this too!

And don't tell me that about the fours!! I at the end of my rope with the threes already!