Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breaking all the rules.

Just one of the fantastic activities we've done with the kids here in the land of warm weather.

There was only one negative on the fun scale for this one. They are too young to understand that painting the car is pretty high on the list of things I would normally kill them for. I can't wait to do this again when they can appreciate it. 

In case you are wondering... It's Crayola Kids Paint. I mixed it with some dish detergent and let them go to it. It was quite a masterpiece when it was done. Afterwards we used sponges and a hose and washed the van. And the driveway, and the garage, and the patio, and the kids....  It came off easily and everyone had a soapy good time.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Such a great idea!!

I love that they are both painting with their bike helmets on!! (Safety first... hehehe)

:) S