Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SJ Ink

When I was little my mom would buy me lick on tattoos because I always said I wanted a real one. I think she knew that I would eventually want to get one and was trying to delay the inevitable. I got my first one at 19 and I knew for sure I was a tattoo person. I have never posted pictures of my tattoos before because I feel they are pretty personal and didn't really want to put them out for criticism. Having said that, I'm feeling pretty stoked about this one so I thought I'd put it out there for the world to see.

If I was on one of those shows on TLC I would be explaining to Kat Von D or to Ami James that this piece is meant to be a tribute to the woman who have made me who I am today. From top to bottom: the daisy is my mom's favorite flower. The carnation is for Grandma (Dad's mom). The tulip is for my sister and the lily for my Oma. The gerbera is for me. It's my favorite flower and that one was done to copy of the flowers I carried at our wedding.

It was a tough sitting and was very painful. My leg is swollen and there are lots of bloody spots that need to heal but hey...It's kind of like childbirth, you really do forget how it actually feels. Otherwise nobody would ever do it twice. It must be true because this one brings my total up to 7. I have one more planned and then I think I'm done. But there is a fever that goes along with getting tattoos so I will never say never. Thank you very much to Mark Jeffry at High Tides Tattoo who designed it from the pictures I have him and did a great job of bringing it to life. It's better than what I had in my head sure. The shop has a great atmosphere too. A great experience over all.


jen said...

WOW! JUST AMAZING!! The colours are fantastic and I like how it flows on your leg!

Leanne said...

It's amazing and beautiful!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

It is gorgeous! They did a spectacular job!

Jody said...

I think its gorgeous! I love how each flower has a personal meaning to you regarding the women you love!

I too love gerbera's... :) I'm debating one on my wrist.