Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where is everyone?

July 30th has finally arrived. The day Maritimers have been waiting for for a very long time. U2 is playing Moncton tonight and I'm not going. It feels like I may be the only person left in Saint John today.

I would love to say that I'm devastated not to be there. I actually am quite bitter not to get to see U2 in concert since they are way up there on my -bands I want to see live- list. But as much as I want to see them play, I have zero interest in attending a concert that I have to stand/sit in a field with 80 thousand people. I'm short so I can't see over the people in front of me. Getting there and back would be a nightmare of traffic proportions. And to make it worse... It's POURING today!!

I guess this is as close to U2 as I'm going to get this time around....

If I'd known there was seating I may have reconsidered going. This was taken when we went to the zoo which is just down the road from the site.
I hope all my friends have a great time and you get your socks rocked off. I hope the break in the rain I'm looking at out the window is a sign of the night to come. And when they play 'One'
please sing REALLY loud so I can hear you. I'll sing along.

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