Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm being cyber-stalked.

I thought it was a little creepy when Facebook started suggesting sites to me based on the words I had used in my status update. I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to these type of breaches of privacy because I just choose not to get worked up about the sliding level of what is accepted. Having said that, the FB suggestions where boarding on 'over the line', even for me.

Today something happened that makes that creepiness seem like nothing. I went shopping and bought a couple things at Old Navy. The cashier asked for my email address and I said no and that I didn't want to get ads or anything and she completed the sale. Then when I got home I checked my email. Sitting in my inbox was an email from Old Navy with a copy of my in-store receipt. The email says I requested this which of course I did not. Their computer obviously recognised my credit card number from previous website purchases and sent me the receipt as a way to get in touch. The email tells me that by receiving the email I have subscribed to get their email ads and promos too. They're sneaky. I now have to respond to the email if I want to get off their list. I can imagine they end up with quite a few new names on their mailing list by pulling this on people.

I'm thinking I may email them and make a complaint but I would bet that somewhere on my Old Navy Online Profile I've agreed to allow this type of thing. I didn't read the fine print so it really is my own fault. Even so, extremely creepy!