Friday, May 27, 2011


It was a beautiful day with temperatures finally above zero. Only +1 but with no wind and warm sun, it was a perfect day to play outside. I think spring is finally coming. The snow and ice is melting quickly and we finaly have puddles to jump in so Oliver took advantage.

This one is for you Kara!

And there is open water at the end of the fiord. See that really thin blue line at the end of the ice? It's getting bigger, I swear it is.

My hope is that this year, spring will arrive before summer does. It would be really nice to celebrate Canada Day without our winter jackets. Despite the cool temperatures I'm happy that I live in the arctic at the moment. At least we have lots of sun. My family in New Brunswick have been rained on every day for what seems like a hundred days with no end in sight. I keep telling them mother nature is just getting all the rain out of the way so they'll have a spectacular summer. I hope that's true because I'll be there for 6 weeks in July/August and would love to have sun everyday.