Saturday, May 28, 2011

Questions #8

Question #8- A picture of your room.

I'm choosing to skip the photo on this one because frankly, my room us UGLY!!! There are many advantages to living in force housing but decor isn't one of them. The whole house is white. And not a nice creamy cloud white. It's more of a industrial grade, yellow tinged white. My room is actually a pink tinged white which is almost worse than the yellow. So you add the paint to the pink, green and yellow patchwork valence, the broken, wooden blinds and the ugliest lamps you've ever seen and it's just not something I want to have commemorated on my blog.

Many families who move into force housing choose to spend money on things to improve the looks of the houses but I just can't do it. I can't see spending money on things that most likely won't have any value to us when we move back down south. We've put things we've brought with us up on the walls but that's the extent of our interior designing. So my house is seriously ugly and I don't want to share it. On to the next question.

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noinvitationrequired said...

Our house in Kugaaruk was like that too, but since we have moved they have gone in an re-painted the whole house....once again, just industrial white, but I guess the master bedroom is now a baby blue, because that is what they had at the co-op...I don't know what I would prefer more:) (or less in this case!)