Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I would love to be at the mall right now fighting the crowds, yelling in my car at the guy who slid into my spot in the parking lot. I would kill to be at Sobey's, causing traffic jams in the aisles with people I haven't run into all year. How I long to be decorating Christmas cookies with my sister like we always used to. Oh to be stressing about how we're going to fit in turkey dinner with both mine and Nick's family. I wish I could be out with friends celebrating Festivus tomorrow night....

These are some of the things that usually ignite my holiday spirit. Since coming up north I've really miss them and have been feeling more like I'm going through the motions than really feeling it. I did 90% of my shopping on line this year and its been done and wrapped since August. We haven't been to any parties, the kids aren't old enough to get it and Nick is a complete bah humbug Scrooge. More than anything, I miss our extended family and the traditions I grew up with. Especially since our little family hasn't established any of our own yet. 

Having said all that, this past weekend has done a little to buoy my spirits. I did tonnes of baking and have been eating way too many shortbreads. We finally found the 'Holly' channel on our Sirius Satellite radio (Hidden on channel 3 if you're as stumped as we were) so I got to listen to some great carols. And the best thing was taking Oliver and Isaac to the Northern to see Santa. It was O's first time and I was so proud. He walked right up to him and said 'Hi Santa!' He even mumbled to him that he'd been a good boy although I doubt Santa understood that's what he was saying.

**I would normally post the picture of them on Santa's lap here but I have yet to get it. They ran out of ink for the printer so the photos are not printed and they don't know if they will be before Christmas.**

When I complained about my 'unchristmasy' feeling last year, Nick told me that's why you have kids. They'll bring it back to you once they are old enough to play the game with you. He could be right. Oliver will be three next year so I'm hoping that by then he'll understand what the whole thing means. I'm sure his excitement will be infectious and I'll be back to my old self even without the malls and crowds. Until then, I'll take my daily dose of holiday tunes and shortbread and muster as much spirit as I can.


noinvitationrequired said...

Next time I go to the mall I could take a video camera and randomly scan the stores, stopping in the aisles to annoy people, and pretend to have conversations with people I don't really know....then send it to know, if you thought that would help:) Hope you have a great Christmas Morena, even if it's a little downplayed this year.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Trust me- next year will be awesome!! Hunter completely gets it and is so excited.

I love Lindsay's idea with the video camera! hehehe