Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Oliver v.2

Dear Oliver,

At the minute of this post you turn two years old. You have changed so much in the last 12 months that I can hardly picture the baby you were such a short time ago. You learned to walk just a few days after your last birthday and you now relish running everywhere. Your vocabulary has grown by leap and bounds and we can't shut you up. Unfortunately, you've also learned to express your frustration in very adult terms which we find extremely funny. We don't let you know that however, in hopes that you'll forget these choice words. We're making an effort to stop using them too.

You have a bit of a stubborn streak and it seems to come out when I'm trying to teach you something new. I try and try to get you to repeat what I'm telling you and you'll just look at me and say no! And then a few weeks later, you'll throw it out there as if you've known it all along. Sometimes you surprise me with something that I have no idea where you learned it. For someone who doesn't have experience with kids before you, watching your little spongy brain suck up knowledge is truly fascinating.

The biggest event of the year was the arrival of your little brother, Isaac. Or Ikey as you called him for the first little while. You were one of the first people to meet him since contrary to our plan you ended up in the hospital waiting room while he came fast and furious. As soon as you saw him you said, 'Baby!' and have been in love with him ever since. Not once have you shown any jealousy towards him and are patient with the amount of time he requires. You love giving him hugs and kisses and ask to hold him all the time. I think you are going to be great friends and I can't wait to watch you grow up together.

So.... Your two. As I write this, I'm mentally preparing for how to deal with the Terrible Two's which I'm sure are about to hit me like a tonne of bricks. If I'm to be honest, you've already been working up to these fabled times and have been giving your dad and I a run for our sanity. Your favorite 'bad behaviour' is to climb up on the counters and play with all the things that we put there in an effort to keep out of your reach. To your credit, you do try to alleviate our anger when you get caught doing something by tilting your head to the side, smiling and saying 'OK?' as if by being cute you will get away with anything. I really see your father in that sly smile of yours. Oh-oh is all I can say about that.  

Here are some things I want you to know:
-When you come running to the door calling 'Mommy!' I fall in love with you all over again.
-Your dance moves are hilarious. You have a way of pulling out new ones all the time so it's never boring and always adorable.
-You still give the best hugs. And you've added the 'back pat' which is just too funny.
-I always know when you're into something you shouldn't be when it's quiet and you don't answer when I call. You'd get away with more if you'd just answer me but I'm glad you don't know that.
-Wi-oo (W-eye-oo) is what you call water and you called yourself Oyoo(Aw-yoo) for a while. Just something cute I'd like you to know about yourself.

You are growing into a curious, independent, intelligent and easy going little person.
You love to color, your big yellow dump truck, and sliding down the tallest slides. You can count to 10, and know most of your colors although you refuse to acknowledge red for some reason. You are a very special little man and I feel that your future is so bright. I am so proud to be your mother

So here's to you my little man.... 

Happy Birthday
I Love You

Love Mom

Your first birthday

What a difference a year makes. So grown up!

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