Friday, August 20, 2010

A Nice Surprise

Look what I had delivered yesterday! Nick's not really the 'send flowers' type of guy so it was a really nice surprise. He even remembered that tiger lillies are my favorite but they didn't have any so I got pink ones instead. I'll take a lilly of any kind, and the fact that he remembered that piece of trivia is the cherry on top. Thanks honey, it was a nice pick me up after a crappy day. Love you.

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The Reid Family said...

Tiger Lilies are my favorite too, although I am a fan of all lilies, like you.

One year there were no Tiger lilies to be found in town so Chris found a store that had 'fake' ones that looked very real. I thought it was so thoughtful of him to go to all that trouble to make sure I got the flower I liked for our Anniversary.

Hope you, Oliver and baby to be are doing well. Thank you for your great posts. :)