Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little white lies and good natured torture.

My name is Morena and I'm a BIG FAT LIAR!!!

I've mentioned several times that we are having a hard time choosing a name for our new baby boy and he is yet to be named. Well, I'm lying!! Wow, that feels good to get off my chest!! I admit to you all now that this little guy has actually been named for a few months but I find it easier to tell people that he doesn't have a name yet rather then have to tell them we're not sharing it. I always thought people where strange when I heard they were keeping their name choice a secret but here I am, doing it too.

There are two reasons we have chosen to keep the name under wraps. One- Since this time we chose to go the route of finding out the sex of the baby and doing the 3D ultrasound where you get to see what he looks like, we figured that the name was the only surprise left. And two- I'm not sure the name is going to be well received by many members of our families so not telling means not having to listen to protests and attempts at changing our minds. Nick and I really didn't agree on any names at all, that part of my lie wasn't a lie at all. When I suggested the name we are going with and Nick liked it too the search stopped right then and there.

I have since realised there is a third, very fun reason that keeping this secret was a great idea. It's killing my mother not to know! I usually tell my mom everything and she is tortured that we are not telling her this very important piece of information. I'm enjoying holding it over her immensely. Mean?... probably, but I know my mom. If she didn't like it (and I suspect she won't), I would hear it. And I know me, if I heard enough protest, I would start second guessing the choice.

So, sometimes torture can be a fun thing. Sorry mom :) I'd due in 29 days, the wait will be over soon.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

hehehe You are awesome!! I love that you are torturing your mom.

Can't wait for the next four weeks to pass!

Aida said...

haha, that is a good move though!

Laura E :) said...

Nice torture move! :)

Did you throw two names together like Brangelina? :P

So excited for the little one's arrival....but I think it will be sooner than 29 days!