Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little taste of home

The other day I went to Rockwood park in search of the new playground they built there. I initially went the wrong way and this is what I found instead.

A little piece of home!! It's always nice to see the Nunavut flag when you're not in Nunavut. But that brought the question of why is there a NU flag flying in a park in Saint John NB. I didn't have my camera at the time so I went back later that afternoon to get a shot of it and went right up to the pole thinking that there should be a monument or something telling me why. Sure enough....

The answer wasn't on the monument either. It commemorated the incorporation of the territory but that was about it. I later ran into a friend of mine who told me if you go through that side of the park there is actually a flag and a monument for every province and territory. So the answer was very anti climatic but it still made me smile to see it. I always feel that way when I see a New Brunswick flag when I'm somewhere else as well. There is something about seeing that piece of home that brings a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Oh, and yes, I found the playground. It was on the other side of the park and O had a great time there.

And yes again, the monument is on it's side. Obviously some yahoo's decided to be jerks and knock it over. Vandalism makes me crazy.

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Jody said...

I know the feeling.

I love seeing the Canadian flag when I'm travelling throughout the UK. I was amazed the other day in London when I accidently stumbled across a pub called The Maple with Canada flags hanging outside. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to stop, but will the next time I'm down there!