Monday, August 16, 2010

What I've been up to lately

Since I've been down south this summer I've really been a bad blogger. My posts are few and far between and I've posted little other than pics of Oliver cause frankly, this is the summer of O. My whole life is revolving around taking him places, getting him to try new things and trying to keep him on a schedule as best I can. It's funny how nap time in the north is so sought after that I don't even think of doing something other than being home in the afternoon. Since we've been here, naps have become almost an inconvenience as we try and plan our day around them. If I go up to my parents place (about 20 minutes away) I have to drag the play pen and all the gear that goes with that so he has a place to nap. Otherwise, it's back to our apartment to his room. I will admit that I'm sometimes guilty of planning our drives to and from someplace around nap time so at least he can doze in his car seat. Not exactly a proper nap but better than nothing.

The other kink in my plans for being home has been Oliver's unexpected case of sever separation anxiety. I guess it's normal at this age and since he's always with me up north it shouldn't be a shock but wow, it caught me by surprise. For the first few weeks I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself without a major meltdown occurring. He is getting better but it has put a damper on some of the 'me time' I'd planned to have. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting out on my own as much as I can, but I'd hoped it could be more. You may remember I had plans to put O in day care one day a week and that idea went out the window when he was still having meltdowns with both grandmothers after 2 weeks of being here. I figured if he couldn't deal with being with them, introducing another stranger to his life wasn't such a good idea. 

I have been able to get out and get a leisurely hair cut and color. I've been out to a party. And I had one night alone with Nick when he arrived... although he arrived at midnight and we picked up O the next day at noon but hey, it was 12 hours and I got to sleep later than 730 so I guess it counts. Thursday I've made an appointment to have a prenatal massage and a manicure as well so there's another O free afternoon for me to look forward to.

Over all, we're having a great summer and I'm really glad to have this time with Oliver. We have been super busy though and I feel like we're always on the go. Not that it's bad, it's just such a change from my life in Nunavut. O is really thriving as well. I can't believe how much he's changed in such a short time. He's learning so much. I discovered he is mad about slides. He's turned into quite the climber and will attempt things that the playground that he has no business doing at a year and a half. He doesn't always make it but he sure is going to try! He's also learning to play with other kids and to share. I have to say he's pretty good about the sharing which is a surprise being he's never had to do it before.

We are on the countdown now to Nick coming home for his long vacation (in 22 days) and the final countdown to our new arrival (5 weeks today is my due date). At this point I think I'm more looking forward to having this pregnancy be over and I'm not sure if I care if Nick makes it in time if it means being done. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to the stress of sleepless nights and learning to breastfeed again so I guess maybe I can wait.

Until I blog again.....

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noinvitationrequired said...

It's funny because it sounds like you and I are having a lot of the same experience - super busy times trying to get in all the 'fun' things for the kids, trying to get adjusted to being so busy....everyday we try to come up with something for the kids to do, and we can constantly on the run. I'm going to have to head back up north to relax! But we have had a blast, and it sounds like you have too, so that's great....and even if you don't blog as often, I still look forward to when you do!