Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there! I hope you were treated like the queens you are.

I was lucky to have my own day of royal treatment. Nick hasn't always been the best at remembering or acknowledging holidays as I thought he should. I've always said, it's not about the gifts, I don't need gifts I just want the occasion to be acknowledged. He really took that to heart this time around. I didn't get a gift. What I did get was a sleep in and breakfast in bed, made with love. Nick made a point to tell me that Oliver did the jam on the toast which explained why there was about an inch of it. Oliver and I shared it along with the cereal and it was nice family time.

When I got up, I realised the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean. Since the kitchen is my usual morning routine I had a leisurely shower and the opportunity to call all the mothers in my life. And to top it all off, Nick even took care of dinner tonight!

The thought Nick put into the the day meant more to me than any gift he could have chosen. Thank you my love. And to Oliver, thanks for the jam induced sugar overload this morning. I couldn't ask for a more special little guy and I love being your mom. Your laugh makes my day, everyday.

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Laura E :) said...

Glad to hear Nick and Oliver gave you a great Mother's day! :)