Friday, May 7, 2010

The Name Game

Sometimes I wish that when you had a baby it would come with a name. You know, like your Cabbage Patch doll did? It would sure save months of headaches, arguments and unwanted opinions trying to come up with something for yourself. But then again, would I want to have a child named Trista Esther because that's what Xavier Roberts decided it should be? You did have the option to change your doll's name once you got her but then you're back to those headaches.

Now that we know the baby is a boy I have been scouring my baby name book and the usual websites to try and make a short list of names we like. The problem is, there is so little that will work.

-Aiden, Liam and Ethan-Names I love but they are way too popular for my tastes.
-(......) There are a name or two that shall remain unwritten here that we like but everyone makes a face when I say them. I know it's our decision but I don't want to have my kid go through life with a name that people hate.
-Cohen, Jonah and Kalen.  Favorites of mine but Nick has thrown out the veto on them.
-Ryan and Matthew- Off limits because they already belong to my brother and brother in law. 
-Simon and Lucas- Not a fan of the S sounds with the last name Steeves.
-Gabriel and Anthony- Love the names but hate the short versions. And I'm the worst offender of shortening names if you can so I know it'll happen.
-Oscar- We like it but really? Can't name our kid after a green monster who lives in a garbage can.

Even though we still have 4 months or so to decide on something these are just some examples of why I like to start really early. We have so far put about 6 names on the short list but truthfully only 2 of those are strong possibilities. I guess with only 2 names we can use the strategy we employed in choosing Oliver's name and go with a coin toss. Then again, since Nick won the toss with O, maybe I should be the default winner this time around and get make the final choice. But then who would I blame if I decide I made the wrong decision?

I'm back to wanting Xavier Roberts to name my child.


Laura E :) said...

Oh how I love to offer baby name advice! I see all kinds of names working in Health Records and the ER! You're right on saying no to names that end with S! They say it's especially hard when people hear a name on the phone and the first and last names mush together.

Cohen's actually starting to turn into an Aiden/Ethan name... at least here in NS!

What about Owen for an O name to go with Oliver?

Mom and dad couldn't figure out a name for Michael for quite a while... an old lady in the hospital sent over a list of baby names she thought were good names for a baby boy.. let's just say one of the names was Lazarus!

I'm trying to think of any cool unique names I've come across lately... met a little guy named Zion, and every time I hear the name I get Lauryn Hill's song "To Zion" and Bob Marley's song "Iron Lion Zion" (oh's in my head again!).

I'll start making a list of unique but not crazy boy names I come across at work! I'm surrounded by enough pregnant co-workers that the baby name conversation comes up quite a bit!

Morena said...

I like the name Owen but we're not going with O's. We already call Oliver O or O-boy so another O would just be confusing. And sorry, No to Zion. :)Keep the suggestions coming though!

Anonymous said...

Haha! How about random advice from a random stranger!

Gordon is a lovely name.

Clare said...

My nephew named both of our children. Well, their first names. In keeping with Inuit tradition our children are also named after elder's and others, Hilary has seven given names.

It is tricky to find a name, but at the end, unless its really strange, the child will be happy, because after all it is the name they grow up with. I used to say "I'm glad my parents named me Clare, because that is what everyone calls me". And I am glad, because it is somewhat unique, and it has significance because of my namesake.

Had it just been me making the decision Travis' name would have been Emmett or Declan. Both somewhat unique, both little used by others.

Laura E :) said...

Lol Zion Steeves definitely wouldn't work.. but I'm keeping it in mind if I should get a 3rd cat (Zazu, Zuni and Zion... Francis would really get confused then! He usually refers to the 2 of them as Zazuni)!!!

Did you ever consider Xavier Roberts as the name? lol

I'll keep my ears and eyes open for names...too bad everyone at work is having girls so I'm hearing girl names.