Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The melt is on!

It's amazing what a difference a few days can make. Last Thursday, so five days ago, Nick, Jen and Phil where out bombing around Pang on the snowmobiles in typical arctic weather. Today, this is what it looks like outside our house.

The temperatures got up to a balmy +11 on Sunday and +7 yesterday so the snow started disappearing at a rapid pace. The parking lot at the northern is full of ATV's now instead of snow machines. I guess I won't be seeing those kids sized snowmobiles bombing around the back of the house anymore. Watching them trying to navigate the 'jumps' gave us lots of entertainment. I wonder if those kids have little quads? I hope not since I've already had to put my foot down to Nick about getting O a little ski-doo. I don't know if I'll win another of those arguments.

Today we got back to more 'seasonal' temps, meaning colder, but it looks like the thaw is on. I guess it's time to pull my rubber boots out of the closet cause mud season is here.

Bring it on!


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I have seen little quads, but not here...just down south. So you may have a fight on your hands!!!

I can't believe that it has reached +11 there...I think the warmest we have had is maybe around +1 or so! Although even though we still have tons of snow, there are more and more hondas out ever day....I'm anxious to get our out, but they are still under about 3 feet of snow!

tracey said...

Oh Morena... my sister just got my nephew a little Quad, you can set the speed on them so they can't go any faster than you can walk,(Alex is 2) Mike has got them for the boys as well... but i'm with you...NEVER, not in my house!

Sarah said...

Hey Morena,
I think I remember seeing a 'mini-quad' in Pang..but it was way over the bridge in my old 'hood....

wow... looking at your photos and stories make me homesick for Pang even more!

:) thanks for sharing though!! :)

Anonymous said...

Snow and then mud...hmmm....

You know what's funny? It was 11 over there, and like 6 down south here in southern Ontario!!! (What is with this weird weather, lol).

p.s. It's starting to warm up again down here...like to 20°. Phew!

Honestly though, I would LOVE to see Pangnirtung! The mountains look so gorgeous! One of these days... (But sorry, I can't live there, only want to visit, since even southern Ontario is TOO cold for me.)