Thursday, May 13, 2010

How much at Sotheby's?

My son's going to be an artist! An artist along the lines of Pollock I think which makes the word 'artist' debatable but still, look at his use of color!

This is Oliver's first attempt at drawing. I can honestly say there was zero parental intervention other than the taping of paper to the table and the opening of the markers (washable of course) I was so proud of him. He gets his sense of color from me since he used every single one of them. I love color too.

Officially this was a mothers day gift for his grandmothers which I scanned and emailed to them but I couldn't help but show it off to the masses. Someday it could be worth something and you can say you saw it when. :)


jen said...

Wow, that's pretty awesome. We haven't gotten past the "don't eat the crayons" step yet.

Sarah said...

Awesome! It's so neat to keep a record of how his drawings progress!! :) thanks for sharing!!

Laura E :) said...


I will be 25 in July... and my Grandfather still has one of my first pieces of art on his fridge! Pieces of purple bubble gum I drew for him haha.

Keep up the great art, Oliver!

Jennifer said...

I have Ellyott's first painting, first craft and first adventure with sparkles in my office pinned up! It warms my heart! Yay for kids!!!