Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Christmas in July

So the sealift came to town this weekend and our crates were delivered yesterday. Oh the excitement!! Sealift day is almost like Christmas morning except Santa delivers these presents with a forklift. You crack open them open and see 2 1/2 tonnes of wonderful stuff you put on your wish list months before.

AND THEN... there's the excitement of finding the little treasures you forgot you asked for. This year it was the cases of cream soda. Mmmm, sugary sweet goodness... even if it is clear instead of pink now.(!?!)

Every Christmas morning there is one gift where you wonder what the person was thinking. In our case it was the 12 flats of corn. WHAT was I thinking?? 12 cases? I'm pretty sure I had 12 cans in mind and didn't read the order form properly. Oh well, like with any strange gift you find something to do with it. Re-gift it perhaps? So this is fair warning. If you are invited for dinner, don't be surprised if you get corn chowder, corn pudding, corn fritters, corn salsa or other corn related meals.

And finally, it's inevitable that there will be things Santa doesn't bring that you were really hoping for. We found that we forgot quite a few things that should have been on the wish list. Now we have to decide if we put together another small order before the season is over. I vote for yes so we can experience this excitement all over again.

Merry Sealift to all and to all a good night!


RobD said...

i know it's not funny, but just seeing ALL THAT CORN cracks me up!!

Matthew and Michele said...

Getting that much corn seems to be a bit corny to me.


Kennie said...

Cream Soda (along with rootbeer and any crush pop (except orange if I remember corectly) is clear if it's coming from Quebec. Quebec has some strange rules about coloring in pop... tastes the same though!

Morena said...

Thanks for the explanation. When I was in NB in April it was still pink so I was wondering. It really freaked me out when I poured it out! But as you say it tastes the same so it's all good.

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I love all the unexpected things you get in a barge order - I had a few things that I was sure I didn't order and was made that they probably mixed up my order and charged me extra...until I looked back at things and realized, yes, I did order that!! But 12 flats of corn? Thankfully no, but you know that you wouldn't have an issue selling it! We are looking forward to our 'Christmas' in September!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I ordered enough mushroom soup that after nearly three years I till had lots!!

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