Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Polar Bears

Cape Dorset has been inundated with polar bears the last few weeks. I would imagine it's because the scent of the whale is still around even if the whale isn't. I haven't seen any around myself yet but my friend Rose went out her front door the other day and there was a huge one sitting in the yard! I don't think I want to get that up close and personal but I do hope to catch a glimpse at some point. This time in daylight so I can maybe get pictures.

Matt at The M of Cape Dorset has just posted some pictures taken by Vimal who is one of our local nurses. They are worth checking out, click here to see them.

I still find it crazy that I live in a place that a polar bear sighting is as common as a deer at home. Ok, maybe not that common I guess, but you get my drift. It's a interesting place, I wish everyone could experience it for themselves.

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