Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shifting it into high gear

Nick called from work today and advised me that he now has to fly out of Cape Dorset on Friday instead of Monday as planned. (Has to because the first week of his 'vacation' is actually work related so he goes when told) Overall this isn't a huge deal for me, getting to take Oliver trick or treating with his cousin is great news. The problem is my carefully planned packing schedule has gone out the window. But hey, I can roll with the punches so I've been spending my day madly running around getting things into suitcases and changing the required reservations.

The only real negative is that Nick's birthday is Saturday too and he'll be in Nova Scotia instead of with us in New Brunswick. Oh well, I'm sure he'll enjoy partying with buddies from his last posting. We'll celebrate when he comes home.

Sorry Aida, I guess our meeting isn't going to happen on Monday. That's disappointing! Maybe it'll work out some other time.

Next post from the hopefully sunny and not so snowy south. Ciao!!

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Lindsay Niedzielski said...

Have a great vacation...especially Hawaii!!! And heck, leaving early for a vacation is always better than late!! Safe travels!