Thursday, October 29, 2009

More changes

So I lied... I said that my next post would be from the south and It's not. I'm not, nor will I be tomorrow night as planned. Oh, travel in the north is always interesting. After getting the news that we had to leave Friday instead of Monday I got everything organized and was ready to go. Then tonight at supper time we find out that our flight out tomorrow morning is cancelled! That means we are now staying the night in Iqauit then going the whole rest of the way on Saturday. Instead of a leisurely overnight in Ottawa and a afternoon flight to the east coast, I and a very sleepy Oliver won't arrive till midnight. AND I'll miss the trick or treating. I think my annoyance is mostly about the trick or treating.

Oh well, as an ex-Air Canada employee I've been traveling on standby passes for years and am used to things changing and having to replan a routing or flight times at the last minute. As someone living in the north, I'm well aware that this can happen, and does often so I'm pretty easy going about it all. I would imagine that the hotels in Ottawa and Nova Scotia think I'm crazy since I've booked and rebooked 3 times now. And the dog. Tank was originally going with Nick, then going with me and is now going with Nick again so AC Cargo must think we're losing it too. I think we are ready to go again so we'll see if there are any more surprises for us tomorrow. I sure hope not.

Once again I sign off but I'm not sure where the next post will be from. Iqaluit, New Brunswick.... the way things are going the last couple of days who really knows.


Sarah said...

Hey!... Crazy..sorry your plans have changed so much.... but could be come 'good' news!! I'm in Iqaluit at the Nova til Sat at 8am when I head back to Pang.......want to do dinner? (I think i have plans 'later like 8ish) but if you want company for dinner let me know! :)

Sarah :)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahah You poor thing!! What a crazy few days you have ahead of you. Good luck!!!

Aida said...

awww, so we wont be meeting up then right..or am i reading it wrong. lmk if you need a ride :)