Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Packing and water issues

6 more sleeps!!!

My packing is well under way by now but my efforts have been severely hampered by the ongoing water shortage. Cape Dorset has, strike that, HAD three water trucks and are now down to one. We lost the first one due to fire and recently the second one broke down. As you can imagine, the local mechanics can't just run down to the local parts department to get what they need so it can take a while to get a vehicle back on the road. So for over a week now we have tried to be careful about what we use so our tank doesn't run dry. We were not successful and did run out yesterday but have since been given half a tank to make do. I really need to do laundry to keep my packing mojo going. I heard the other truck should have been fixed and back on the road today so we'll see if it comes by soon. We are expecting a new truck on sealift next week too.

In the meantime I'm trying to tie up loose ends before we go. I've made all our reservations for hotels and cars, booked our dentist and eye doctor appointments... etc, etc. I'm a little stressed about traveling with O. It's certainly not the first time we've travelled with him but last time he was still breastfeeding so how to feed him along the way was easy. Now I'm trying to decide what is easiest and and how much to bring. (Oh, he's eating again by the way, thanks for the advice on that everyone) Then there is what to do about keeping him occupied on the plane. He's very busy right now so sitting quietly isn't going to happen. Luckily, I have a friend called Gravol who will make things easier. Go ahead and judge me but I'm sure the other passengers will appreciate a sleeping child over one who is screeching because he wants to get on the floor. Screeching is his new thing, it's loud and high pitched. Not something you want to hear on a plane.

Anyway, that's all I have for you today. They all can't be gems! I will leave you with one thought. If you get married in paradise, where do you go for your honeymoon? Congrats to Joc and Lucas.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hunter was awesome at that age on the plane!! He loved to look around and play with the seat tray. He has been on 35 planes and only 3 of those flights have been screamers. I have stayed away from the gravol because I have read that for some kids it can turn them hyper instead of knocking them out- yikes!! I am sure O will do great on the flight!

pollyandaleczmom said...

I am all about the gravol. Although I tend to drug them in the form of Benedryl... same thing. Just give it a test run b/c it does have the opposite effect on many children.
We have rockstart flyers. Tips are as follows:
1. Go into it with the attitude that if it all goes to hell it really doesn't matter. It is a few hours out of your life. No big deal. They feed off of your stress. Trust me on this one.
2. If you can, find out what the flight load is like on each of your segments and BRING THE CAR SEAT ON IF THERE IS AN EXTRA SEAT!! I cannot recommend this one enough. It make it a MILLION times easier, once they have stopped nursing, to be able to make them think that you are just on a ride in the car.
3. Snacks, snacks, snacks. Always include in the snack arsenal something that you would never in a million years let them have to snack on at home, but that they will go nuts over on a plane. For example, I pack M&Ms. When it appears as though all hell is going to break loose, pull out the chocolate and they will immediately shut up.
4. I always make a dollar store trip and buy a bunch f cheap toys that they have never seen before. Then, if they are antsy, you can act like Mr. Dressup and whip all kinds of cool shit out of the pack. (No dollar store up there, I bet)
5. Alcohol for yourself.

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

My girls have always surprise me on the plane - I always think it will be horrible, and it generally isn't. I flew by myself with Paige and Hanna when Hanna was around that age, and I did just let her crawl around on the plane...yes I know, gross, gross, but she was much happier, so that when she did have to sit (take off/landing) it wasn't as big of a deal. I completely agree with taking snacks he has never seen before, as well as toys - but don't pack too much, I have always packed way too much and they hardly play with any of it - now I just take one or two little toys for each. And chances are with all the snacking, he probably won't eat too much 'regular' food, so I wouldn't take too's funny how they get used to flying, Paige is a pro now and will just sit down, put on her seat belt and pull down her tray..and I agree that it is just a couple hours - if it's hell, it really will be over within a day or so (although, I tend to say the same thing about labor, so maybe my thinking is all screwed up!!!) Anyways, way too long of a comment....good luck with it all!!!

Morena said...

Thanks for the advice ladies! We did the gravol on our last trip home and it worked like a charm so I'm not worried about it making him hyper... now that I've said that he'll have the opposite reaction this time I'm sure :)
And Julie, I love #5. I'm sure I will employ it.