Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An eventful day

Today has been a little more interesting than the usual ho-hum that goes on in my life. Not that I don't like my life but the daily routine of being a mom just isn't that exciting sometimes. Now, when I tell you about it you may feel sorry for me that this is what I consider eventful but that's ok. It all started out as a regular morning. I went to the airport at 930 to start my shift and then....

I got to meet Leona Aglukkaq who had just arrived. In case you don't know, that's Canada's health minister. Today was her stop in Cape Dorset on her tour of the aboriginal communities. It was just a quick hello and welcome to Cape Dorset. She asked about Oliver (who was my co-worker today) and she told me she had a one year old at home. It's not like I think meeting her is a big deal cause she's just an regular person but still, something you don't do everyday.

Next, Oliver was 'recognised'. Someone asked if he was the baby from 'Babies and Bulldogs'. I was excited because it was someone I didn't know. It was a nice confirmation that people are reading.

And then.... one of the passengers today turned out to be someone that I went to Mount Allison University with a lifetime ago. He recognised me and after a few 'where are you from, do you know so and so' questions we figured out where we knew each other from. He's been travelling to the north for the last 10 years as a teacher and then as a carving buyer. I got to catch up on a few people I haven't thought of in years and once again confirmed that it really is a small world.

And finally, we have a visitor!! Oliver's Grammy (Nick's mom) arrive this evening on a much delayed flight. Unfortunately, by the time she got here O was so exhausted that he was was fast asleep before the tour of the town was over so they barely got to see each other. It's so nice to have another adult in the house to talk to. I love my husband but we are together 24/7 and we don't really do anything so there is only so much to talk about. Another voice is a welcome change... for a 2 week visit anyway.

Well, that wraps up my eventful day. Not exactly a day that rates on the southern exciting day scale but for my life lately, it was a good one.


pollyandaleczmom said...

Trust me, you don't want any of this kind of "southern excitement" it has been raining here for more than a week and the flooding is unlike anything I have EVER seen!

jen said...

Sounds exciting to me! That's so cool you met Leona! You definately get to meet everyone working at the airport. Now did you get a photo of Oliver and Leona? You need to start bringing your camera to work with you lol!

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