Thursday, August 6, 2009

The C.D.T.C.

Cape Dorset is a pretty small town. It's actually a hamlet which means it is a VERY small town. But these titles are dictated by population. If you look at the land area it's actually a pretty good size so getting from one end to the other is quite a walk with lots of steep hills.

What if you're too lazy to make the trek? Well, now you can get on The C.D.T.C! The Cape Dorset Transit Company. (That's the name Jen gave it.) The town started this service at the start of the summer and honestly, in the beginning I never saw anyone on the bus. I think it took a while to catch on but now it seems very popular. And by northern standards the price is right, just $2 to get anywhere in town. The designated stops include the Northern and Co-op and all stop signs. Yes, we have stop signs. There are always people waiting at the stores to get on with their grocery bags and I've even seen it bring people to the airport with their luggage before the flights.

I must admit that I had a good laugh when I realised that we have public transit but I now think it's a great idea. I see lots of the elders using it, people with small kids and today a girl with crutches. If you are a tourist here, it's a great way to see the whole town.

As for me, I'm lucky that our house is very centrally located. With the exception of my laziness and that big hill I have to walk up to get home I can easily get to all the important places on foot in just a few minutes. However, I won't say for sure that you won't see me on the bus on those cold and windy winter mornings when I just don't want to walk to the store. That weather is coming soon so I'd better start saving my Toonies.

Amendment: I wrote this the other night but was waiting for the pictures before I posted it. Since writing it I found out that the bus is only temporary. Cape Dorset is getting taxis on the next sealift so the bus service will be suspended when they arrive. I'm a little sad. I was pretty proud of our bus service. I wonder how many other northern communities have a bus.