Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Close Call

A horrible scary thing happened to me today. I shutter to think of it but like all experiences you should try and learn from them.

It all started a few weeks ago when our laptop, which is our main computer started acting up. We got the odd 'blue screen of death' but over all it was still working ok. Yesterday the issue came to a head and Nick decided it was time to strip the computer and reinstall windows. That may not be exactly what he said because when he talks computer I hear 'blah blah, blah'. It's not that I don't care but the extent of my techie know how allows me to get my email, upload pictures and write this blog. Anyway, we went ahead and moved all our stuff to our external hard drive so it could be put back on the computer once the repair was finished. Then Nick did his thing and that brings us to today.

So today I excitedly sit down to move everything from the hard drive back onto the computer. I hook it up.... and nothing. I figure it's not plugged in to the wall. I check and it is. I turn it off then back on again. Still nothing. WHAT'S WRONG???? Then it comes back to me. I accidentally knocked the hard drive off the table when I was moving the computer earlier. OH NO! I broke it.

All of Oliver's baby pictures.... all the digital scrapbook layouts for his baby book.... EVERYTHING IS GONE. The tears begin, I'm devastated. What is the chance the hard drive dies on the same day that the computer gets wiped clean?? How can I be so careless that I dropped it.... again. Well, in comes my wonderful husband, riding on his white horse and saves the day. Apparently when he did his techie thing he was able to save the stuff on the computer so all the back up was not necessary. I didn't know that however so the panic was real.

The moral of this story is maybe it's a good idea to have a backup for your back up. At least this is a good moral if you are like me and are a bull in a china shop and don't seem to be careful with your things. I really don't mean to be careless. I like my stuff, I really do try and take care of everything but I have an uncanny knack of breaking things. My mom has been on me about this all my life. Well, I'd like to say that this has finally taught me a lesson. I'm lucky that the hard drive has a 2 year warranty so we'll get a new one and I'm on my way upstairs right now to get disks to download my pictures onto. Maybe I'll make 2 copies of everything just in case I scratch one.

Thanks Nick, you always come to my rescue. Naming you in charge of electronics was our best marital decision to date. I love you. And baby Oliver does too.

Oliver 2 weeks old.


Kennie said...

oh, I feel your "pain". Been there, done that. And I as well have learned back-ups are important .. hence why I always have two copies of all of my picutres made - one set I keep with me the other set I mail home to my mom for safe keeping. So far it seems to be working out rather well.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh god I would have cried too!! Glad it worked out though.

I am learning from you... time to make some back ups of my pictures!

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