Thursday, July 16, 2009

The year in review

Some thoughts on the the last 12 months.

Who knew... much you'll to pay for a case of Coke when you just have to have it.
....given the choice, I would take a dry, Nunavut -35 any day over a damp, Maritime -5.

....Nick could make it months without a beer and be ok. can learn to live without anything when the shipping cost more than the item itself.
....there is still an airline in Canada that serves MEALS... in economy class...for free! You also get wine with dinner, 'special' coffees and hot chocolate chip cookies. can still gain weight when there is no fast food in a 3000 mile radius.
....I would go from being envious of other woman's shoes to coveting their amauti and parkas.

....the word 'pooptruck' would become part of my lexicon.
....I'd be disappointed we got Tank fixed before we got here. Can you imagine a bulldog/malamute cross?
....I would wear fur without feeling guilty.
....the horribly stale Tim Horton's donuts brought by visitors would be received as a rare delicacy.
....I would meet such great people.

One year ago today Nick and I became northerners. I really didn't know what to expect when we made the decision to move here but it has been a great adventure so far. I will admit that I miss Walmart and McDonalds. I sometimes long for movie theatres and the ability to leave town without a plane ticket. I do wish that our family could be closer so they could see Oliver grow in person instead of in pictures. Having said all that, we are glad to experience this unique part of Canada.

First impressions in pictures:

The first glance at our new home.
The ice on the beach in July was a little unsettling.

One year later this place really feels like home. Happy anniversary to us.



jen said...

Happy Anniversary guys! It's been great having you up north! P.S I would have totally taken one of those Luna/tank mixes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, its hard to believe that its been one year since you guys left here. We all miss you guys! I have your blog bookmarked and look forward to seeing what your next year brings your way!!!


Anonymous said...

This was a great posting. Happy Anniversary.


Anonymous said...

I do have a Malamute/bulldog cross! She's sweet and gentle, but like a bull in a china shop when she gets excited. We inherited her so no, I wasn't responsible for her heritage. Mom was the bulldog and dad the Malamute. She has the coloring of mom - cream and brindle and the height and bone structure of dad - big. She likes to howl like a wolf if she's left alone (We have two other dogs that keep her company so she doesn't howl often) and digs her way out of the kennel if bored. Her tail curls up when happy. We've hooked her up to pull a sled a few winters ago. Since we don't get snow often it was quite an experience! Yes, there are Malamute/bulldogs out there just not many. She is a great mix of dog characteristics. Thanks for letting me brag :)

Morena said...

Would I ever love to see a picture of your 'Bullamute' If you are getting followup comments and get this please send a pic to morenasteeves at
She wounds wonderful. I'm always up for hearing about peoples pets, I brag about Tank all the time! Thanks for sharing.

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