Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby food

Long before Oliver was born I had decided that I would make his baby food. Dealing with foodmail and the prices at the northern made me realise that homemade would be cheaper. Not to mention most of the the stuff here in town seems to be expired more often than not. I also have to admit that there is a part of me that feels like a better mom when I've 'slaved' over his food. (Luckily for Nick I feel the same way about being a better wife so he's very well fed. I know.... sucker)

Making the food has actually been pretty easy and not very time consuming. I did order a book to give me recipe ideas but haven't really used it. I laughed the first time I read it because the pictures of the purees looked like something a gourmet chef made. We're talking baby food here. Oliver eats beef and carrots mixed with bananas for crying out loud! Maybe making it look pretty makes it seem less gross to the mother.

If I was going to write my own cook book it would say:
Steam or boil veggies/fruit/meat till soft.

Puree in a food processor with a little water.
Freeze in ice cube trays for individual portions.

And of course I'd have a picture.

And every good cook book has a feeding tip:
If they don't like something, mix it with their favorite.

Hence Oliver's beef and bananas. Ewww! Happy eating :)


Kennie said...

hmmm... frozen pureed food cubes ... just what I need to beat the heat down here :-)

And is all of that mess O's doing? He must enjoy getting those nightly baths!

Morena said...

Yup, that's all him. That was one of his first meals though. He has gotten slightly cleaner since. Only slightly though, I had to clean peas out of his hair in tonight's bath.

Anonymous said...

Love this Picture. Learning to eat is so much fun!!! He is the cutest ever!!

Auntie Courtney

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