Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mexican anyone?

It's 915pm. O is down for the night and I have just finished a hot bath with a good book. Can anything ruin this weak legged, drowsy, warm from the inside feeling? YES! Yes there is something. It's the sound of a garbage bag rustling downstairs in the kitchen. The sound of the bag containing the recently collected house garbage. The garbage that includes the dirty diapers.... Oh no....TANK!!!!!!

I get downstairs just in time to see Tank remove his huge head from the bag. He has a look of guilty satisfaction on his face having just dined on what Nick likes to call 'Shit Burritos'. Oh, so gross! This is something he's done before when I forgot to put up the gate on Oliver's room. I thought I ended this habit when I finally had the insight to use a diaper pail with a lid. Yet here we are again. The only good news is the faux polar bear mat that he usually likes to dine on isn't in the kitchen.

I know that ultimately this is my fault so I can't really blame the puppy. If you left a Taco Bell bag on the floor I might have to dig into it too. Maybe black garbage bags represents fast food in doggie world.

Happy Nunavut Day to all Nunavummiuts!


Anonymous said...

Well, you give me once again a reason to know I'm not ready for a dog on my own!!! I don't think I'm ready for 'Shit Burritos'..!!

Great Blog..keep it going!


Kennie said...

I almost barfed myself reading that .. 'shit burritos' - at least Nick looks at Tanks eating habits with some humor ;-) .. betcha won't leave a garbage bag unattended any more

Anonymous said...

That is gross Tank!!!!


indigo said...

ewwwwwwww.......diaper breath on top of where they lick themselves 50 times a day. I think I am so over having a dog.

jen said...

But look at that cute face!! Dogs are do evil and then they look cute. It's just wrong.

Morena said...

Indigo... there is one advantage to having a bulldog. Because of the way they are shaped they can't like themselves there :)

indigo said...


I can't like myself there either, LOL!

Anonymous said...

What is the attraction? I know you are waiting for the sea lift and you have Nick to clean up the food but you must have better garbage than that.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to write more....bord of reading about shit burritos!


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