Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Isaac v 2.0

Dear Isaac,

Today, at this moment of this post, you turn 2. In the last few months you’ve transformed from a little baby to a little boy who can keep up to his big brother with very little trouble. I really realised that a few weeks ago when all of sudden you were making it to the top of the play place with him instead of just playing in the entrance like you always had. I looked up and you were coming down the slide which you had never been able to get to before. I was very proud of you in that moment.

 I have so enjoyed this year with you. You are at that age that everything is adorable and you are cuter than most. But of course I may be a little biased. You have a huge personality and are a child of highs and lows. I call you my little drama queen and I’m sure there are many fits and tantrums to come in our future. But with those fits comes enthusiasm and obvious joy and excitement for things that make you happy and I love that about you. You also love to cuddle and hug which I take advantage of any chance I get.

 We are all very impressed with how smart you are. You can already name most of the letters and numbers. You can count to 10 and you know all your colors. You have an amazing memory too. I usually only have to tell you once what something is called and you remember it. You are talking in full sentences and for the most part are now speaking English. For quite a while you spoke mostly Isaac-speak which meant only we could understand you.

 Isaac Speak Glossary:
Na-na Thank you. pronounced Nach (german like sound)
Titi- Courtney and Kirsty
Tooky- Cookie
Kee- Car
Anoo- Airplane
ato- Oliver Pronounced Auto
Amo- Oma
Apo- Opa
Tac tow- Tractor
Bit bits- Ritz Bitz (your favorite snack)
And- Sandwich
Tooky Paws- Bear paw cookies

 Things I want you to know about your 2 year old self:
-You never go anywhere without a dinky car in hand. You call them all Twin mill 3 which is your favorite Hot Wheels car from the Oliver’s Wii game.
-You love books. If I don’t now where you are in the house it’s a safe bet that I’ll find you in your bedroom with a book on your lap.
-You’re one tough little man. You rarely bat an eye when you fall down and scrape your knee or bang your head. But if your hands get dirty you’d think it was the end of the world.
-I don’t know why but every night you take your blanket and lay down outside your door and go to sleep. I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable but it’s your thing. You’ve been doing it for about 2 months now so maybe you’ll grow out if it soon.
-This year’s go to food is a Cheeze Whiz sandwich.
-My favorite Isaac quotes of the year: You at 14 months saying ‘Mmmm, Taaa-sty’. And you holding out your hand for mine saying "rha'mon' when you wanted to me to take you to the 'Peen' (aka: Trampoline.)

So here’s to you Mr. Smiley Pants. You are such a special little person and I look forward to seeing your smile every single morning. I'm enjoying every moment of being your mom.

Happy Birthday
I Love You
My little lumberjack at 1 year

My 2 year old little mischief maker.