Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today I miss Nunavut

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Today is the first day that I can honestly say that I am genuinely missing being in Nunavut. Canada Day up north was my favorite celebration of the year and I have many fond memories. Just like the rest of Canada the northerners aren't embarasse to show off their red and white garb and always put on a great day of activities. My favorite part of the day was always (as you already know) the parades.

Oliver, 6 months.
Photo Credit- Jen Eichenberg

National Anthem, Cape Dorset.
Photo Credit Jen Eichenberg

Showing off our colors
Photo Credit Jen Eichenberg

Cape Dorset
Photo Credit- Jen Eichenberg

Candy Toss in Pangnirtung
Cars as far as the eye can see- Pangnirtung

More Colors- Pangnirtung

Oliver 6 months- Cape Dorset

This year I spent most of the day just Isaac and I. Nick had worked the overnight so he was in bed most of the day and Oliver was with my parents. We went to the midway that they had set up and spent a little time on the carousel and on the truck ride. Then it was time for the parade.

After Nick got up we went to get Oliver and had dinner with my parents and Grandparents. We had 'birthday cake' for dessert and sang Happy Birthday to Canada and talked about how we were so proud to live in this amazing country.

Happy Birthday Canada!


Anonymous said...

Cheers et happy Canada day said...

There's just something about the North that gets into your blood, isn't there? ! I miss Nunavut more often than not. It really is an experience of a lifetime to be able to have lived there.

Sarah said...

...loved your summary of pictures from Cape Dorset and Pang!! Missed you being up here as well... but glad you had fun in NB! :)

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