Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is as clean as it ever gets

I've been meaning to post more house pics for a while but frankly, it's a rare moment that the house is clean enough for me to feel good about what you all get to see in the pictures. Normally the island is covered with random things, the floor is covered in Cheerios, spaghetti sauce and dog slobber and there is laundry baskets around filled with clothes ready to be folded. Like it is now, as I write this. But on the weekend we had a family down for Easter dinner. Nothing like having your mom come over to make you clean like you've never cleaned before.

In addition to the mess, the other reason I was procrastinating was because I really wanted to get the decor just right. I've come to realise that it could be years before that happens so I threw that idea out the window. You'll notice a lack of things on the shelving unit but that's because anything on the lower shelves is free game for little hands. I also want a big piece of art for the dining area but who knows when I'll find just the right thing that I can afford. I have dreams of a house with big plants, large vases and other beautiful decor items but I figure I'm at least 2 years away from even thinking about those kinds of things. We also need to paint the ceiling so it's a better match to the wall color. Originally I thought we would keep what they had before but it turns out it's too dark for the new wall color. I had hoped to have someone come in and do it but it was way too expensive. I will eventually get around to doing it myself but it won't be any time soon. Who looks at the ceiling anyway right?

I've also just finished Isaac's room. I ran with the Thomas the Train bed he inherited from Oliver and tried to build around that. I still feel like it's not done, it's missing something but I haven't found anything that I feel will put the finishing touches on it. I don't even know what I want but I'm sure I'll know it when I see it. Or maybe O's room just set the standard way too high. I love the colors and the train signs and tracks so over all I'm very pleased.

The next room on the agenda: Our bedroom and bathroom.


Lindsay said...

Everything looks great Morena, good job! You have a beautiful home!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

My boys would lose their minds in that train room!!

Your place looks fantastic!

Sarah said...

It looks FABULOUS!!! :) love Issac's room... and the living room/kitchen/dining room looks fabulous!!!

Your house looks amazing... :)

Sarah said...

It looks FABULOUS!!! :) love Issac's room... and the living room/kitchen/dining room looks fabulous!!!

Your house looks amazing... :)

Jacki said...

I love it! What a beautiful house!

Those people with all the right decor...they're not real. I love it!

Fabulous work on the Thomas theme. I love it!

Tina said...

I LOVE the floor in your livingroom. It's too bad you didn't know a photographer who is currently enlarging her scenic northern photographs into posters. :)

Morena said...

Thanks everyone!

Tina, I want a three panel piece for the dining area which aren't actually that expensive. I just don't know what kind of photo I want. I was thinking something northern but I'm not sure...