Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My southern diaper bag

I love purses. No matter how fat you get, they always fit you. You can buy really cute ones for cheap and you can easily have many to suit your mood. I have many and I doubt I've paid more than $40 for any of them. Some wouldn't find that a point of pride, but I'm cheap. Purses are one of the things I missed most about living north. I never carried one up there because I never went anywhere. And if I did venture out, I'd have the diaper bag with me. When our stuff from storage arrived I didn't waste any time finding my purses and loading them up with the southern girls essentials.

I realised quickly that those essentials take up more room in my super cute purses now that I have to carry the southern MOM's essentials too. None of my purses are what I'd call small but add snacks, diapers, wipes and dinky cars and none of them are anywhere near big enough. I could continue to carry the diaper bag along with the purse but that's just too much for my scattered brain to keep track of. I'm forever leaving my purse or wallet behind places. Today I left my wallet at home and didn't realise it till I got to the checkout of the store I was shopping at. The other day I loaded Isaac into his car seat only to realise I left the store leaving my purchases in the cart. That same day, at another store, I left my purse in the cart and didn't notice that till I got to the next store. I'm shocked sometimes that I haven't left one of the kids behind...... Yet.

Anyway, I decided it was time to come up with a better system so I bought myself a huge bag. A satchel if you will... It's cute so I don't feel like I'm schlepping a duffel bag around but it's big enough to carry everything I need for a day out with the kids. I'm using zip locks to separate things so it all doesn't end up in a mess at the bottom of the bag. It also makes things easy to separate so I can leave behind what I don't need when I'm out on my own. And for those times that I forget to put it all back in? Cause you know that's going to happen -There is always McDonald's for snacks and diapers in the van.

I'm so loving the south.


Jacki said...

Oooh! Cute!! Nice find!
I also love finding a bargain bag. I love the look of the expensive purses, but I can't spend that much on one. So that is definitely a point of pride!
Love that wallet too!!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahah I love that you keep forgetting crap everywhere. That is me!

I don't bother with a real bag anymore- backpack all the way!

Aida said...

you are too funny!! i certainly dont miss lugging my bag and diaper bag, now my bag is cute, small yet bit enough to just fit my purse, makeup, ipad and i am good. i love your bag though!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

You should see my purse collection. And i love that you call the cars dinkys. I got some really funny looks up here the first time i said joe lost one of his dinkys!

Morena said...

Hahaha! Tina, I didn't realise that was a maritime thing.

a2zbaby said...

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