Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Santa-rific day

Yesterday Santa Clause took a little time off from his workshop in the north pole to make an appearance here in Pang. We felt honoured considering it's so close to the the big day and made a point to get out and see as much of him as we could. The day started out with the annual Pang Santa Clause Parade. Santa rode on a sleigh carried by a pick up truck and he and his elves threw candy out for the onlookers. This parade was unique in more ways than the usual. First Santa led the parade rather than follow along at the end as I'm used to. Since there aren't any floats, just a few decorated trucks and snowmobiles I guess that makes sense.

What was really unusual was the amount of observers this time around. Normally there are few watchers because everyone in town joins with whatever vehicle they have. This time there were groups of parents and kids lining the parade route waiting for Santa to come by.

Taken from the moving truck out the window. It was the best shot I got of Santa but that's not saying much.

Nick was driving us in the police truck back at the end of the line of cards. From our point of view is seemed that the parade was all over the place and perhaps that the cars at the end had lost track of the lead vehicles. What we quickly realised was that many of the vehicles weren't trying to be part of the parade at all. They were filled with people who had just watched Santa go by and were then trying to get ahead of Santa so they could be there when more candy was thrown in a different part of town. We noticed many of the same faces several times over the course of the parade. I do understand the want of more candy but with few 'alternate routes' to get around town it was causing parade chaos in the form of traffic jams at the intersections. That's sure something I've never seen here before.

In spite of the confusion, and probably a little because of it, I had a great time. I love a parade of any kind and the uniqueness of the northern parade will always have a place in my heart. The kids had fun too with Isaac waving out the window to the onlookers and Oliver working the lights and sirens and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas over the truck's loud speaker. I bet the brass won't let him do that when Nick pulls parade assignment down south.

 The other Santa excitement was that after the parade, he went to the Northern to hear the wishes of the kids in town. I took the boys to sit on his lap and get the picture that I didn't get last year. If you remember we went and did the visit but never received the picture. They ran out of ink to print the photos and when I asked to have it emailed, it just never happened. I'm still disappointed not to have it since it was both boy's first time with Santa and as they say, you never get that time back. BUT ANYWAY....

The audience with Santa went as I thought it would. Oliver did great. Walked right up, said hello and hopped on his lap and had a chat. Isaac on the other hand was overtaken with panic as soon as I put him down and the result is this lovely picture.

David Kilibuk was taking the pictures. I scanned it so I could post it.

Isaac is going though his separation anxiety stage so it's exactly what I knew he would do. I was planning on leaving him home but Nick had to go in to work so that option was out the window. Since we were there I thought I'd inflict some mental anguish on my 14 month old. I know I'm not the only mom who does it so I don't feel that bad... maybe I should, but I don't.

Santa-rific day complete.