Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bliss is....

I'm sitting in a hotel room at the Moncton Casino and am blissfully Facebooking while lounging on the king sized bed. In a few minutes I'm going to have wine and wear a plush robe before we go in for our couples massage. Tonight, we go to the Keg for dinner and then back to the casino to play blackjack.

Bad Blackberry photos but our room is wonderful

My husband surprised me with this trip as a belated birthday gift. By surprised me I mean that I didn't know where we were going till yesterday morning. I'm usually the planner in our family so to have him plan a whole 2 night getaway is a wonderful treat for me. We're having a great time but I will admit to missing the boys just the teeniest, tiniest bit.

It's been a crazy week since we've been home and I'll blog about all of that sooner or later. For now, I take these 2 kid free days and just enjoy. I think I said it best on my recent status update:

I'm sleeping in the middle of the night... My eye's pop open.
One of the kids is crying.
I listen, listen again, I hear it. It's Isaac.
I throw off my blankets and put my feet on the floor.
Carpet....That doesn't feel right...,,
Not sure what I was hearing but I just don't care.
Go back to sleep.

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