Monday, November 21, 2011

Impressive Stats

A while back a flight attendant was telling Nick about these log books you can get for kids to keep track of all the flights they've taken. She told him you could get them at one of the airport gift shops in Toronto and he looked in every one. He didn't find them but couldn't shake the idea that this was something he wanted for the boys. After some research he found some from Aviation World.

This weekend we finally got around to filling out the books and I thought I'd share some stats with you.

-Number of flights: 59
-Number of kilometers travelled- 53,440
-Number of hours spent on a plane- Approx. 99 hours.

Not bad for an almost 3 year old. The circumference of the earth is just over 40 thousand kilometers so he could have gone all the way around the world and then some. And 99 hours, that's over 4 days.

-Number of flights- 20
-Number of kilometers travelled- 18,740
-Number of hours spent on a plane- Approx. 35 hours

Racking up these kinds of numbers is pretty easy when we take 8 planes round trip every time we go back to New Brunswick.

Now that we have the books I'm glad. There is a spot where you can make notes and I've jotted down where we were going or other things that could be of interest later. Like the time our Canadian North Dash 8 was replaced with a Twin Otter. And the couple of times we got to ride by ourselves on the RCMP plane.

I wish I had a list of all the flights I've ever taken in my life. I travelled quite a bit growing up and with working for Air Canada for as long as I did, I bet I've got some pretty impressive numbers myself. Once we move back down south there will be few plane rides as we will settle in to a regular life and will only get the normal amount of vacation time. We plan on taking up camping as our family vacation go to. The only problem with that, is once again our vacations will be plagued with weather issues. At least then it won't be snow causing the delays.


Sarah said...

Wow! I wasn't far off when I guessed that O had had 50 flights... I think that this is an awesome 'keepsake'/record for your boys.... :)

I so wish I had one for all the travels I have done!

Way Way Up said...

Those numbers are pretty impressive. More km than many adults I know by far. I wish I had tracked my own total of kilometres flown. I tried doing this a couple years ago but there were just too many flights over the span of a dozen or so years to keep track of.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh! I should order some of those for our boys! My friend does that for her kids too. She even takes them on the plane and the pilots will fill it out!