Monday, October 10, 2011

Shedding the negatives...

I've been feeling negative lately about pretty much everything. Just a bit of the blues I'm sure. I thought since it IS thanksgiving maybe thinking about all I am thankful for will pull me out of my mini funk.

I'm thankful for:
My kids- They keep me laughing.
My husband- He's tought me about love, compromise and cooking with taste.
My Mom- She's instilled the value of always having a bit of wimsy in your life.
My Dad- He's taught me to be organized and thorough.
My Grandparents- not many 37 year olds still have 3 out of 4 left. Miss you Grandpa.
My health- I should be thinner and eat better but so far I've been healthy.
My In-Laws- I couldn't have asked for better people to have welcomed me into their family.
My truest friends- No matter how long we're away, we pick up where we left off.
My time in the north- I've learned about a new culture, got to see what many people don't.
My past travels- Horizons are expanded when you see other parts of the world.
My easy going personality- I don't get worked up about the little things cause stress isn't fun.
My perpetual to do list- Our life would be in shambles without it.
My sewing machine-
My computer-
My TV- All things that keep me sane in my spare time. Shallow, but hey, I like things. At least I appreciate them....
Chocolate- Need I say more?

I could go on but wow... I'm already starting to feel better. Think about what you're thankful for and the negatives seem a little less daunting.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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