Friday, September 30, 2011

Just in case I forget my name

One of my grandfathers many talents is wood working and when I was born he made me a name plate for my bedroom door. I’ve had it up in every house I’ve ever lived in and will till the end of my days. Because my Opa made it. All the kids in my extended family have one and they are all different styles. When my babies were born I wanted to them to have one too and now they do.

On another note... my parents arrive today and I’m very excited. Tomorrow we are going to climb Mount Duval and Sunday we’ll be heading out on a boat trip into the park. We also plan to finally celebrate Isaac’s birthday. We wanted to wait for them to arrive so it’s a bit more of a party. It should be a busy few days.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

How sweet to have something like that!

My grandfather made each of the grandkids and jewellery box once they graduated high school. I love mine so much!