Thursday, September 15, 2011


I write today with sad news for our family. One of our fur daughters, Izzy, is missing. My suspicion is that she fell out of our screenless bedroom window which is her favorite lounging spot. We're not exactly sure when it happened but we have heard she was seen outside our house on Monday night. I know for sure she was here Sunday but since it's not unusual for the cats to hide for days, we didn't realise she was gone till their food was practically untouched for two nights in a row. Another sign should have been how friendly her sister Zazu was over those first days. She's normally very standoff-ish but she'd been coming out to cuddle and meowing through the night which she never does. I'm sure in her own way she was trying to tell us that her twin was gone.

Izzy is the one on the right.
We've put out the word around town and have offered a $50 reward if someone can bring her home to us but so far no luck. I had hoped that someone had found her and taken her in but it since we haven't heard anything I can only assume that this isn't the case. She is a friendly cat but I don't know that she would go to a stranger especially if she's scared. We have a bowl of food out and I plan to do a late night walk about tonight to see if she's living up to her feline nature and hanging out after dark.

If I'm honest with myself I will admit that my hopes are probably futile. I would imagine she's met with a bad end at the hand of a dog or perhaps one of the eagle size ravens that live here. I will also say that I prefer that to the idea of her freezing to death out there. The temperature is falling and chilly is a favorable description of how it feels out there.

I hope she comes home soon, or at least we find out that she's really gone. Closure either way would be a comfort. I have a little hole in my heart where she should be and I'm devastated she's gone.


Dave H said...

Any luck finding your kitty? Hopeing you find her Ok.


dochri said...

Good luck -- fingers and toes crossed. Remember, cats have nine lives.

Morena said...

Thanks guys. No luck yet but we did get a pretty reliable sighting last night so there is still hope I guess. Every time we go out where she'd been seen there is no sign of her. She's been seen pretty close to home but the problem is, she's totally an indoor cat and I don't know if she'd even recognise our house if she made it here. I am starting to feel good that she'll make it home.